As with everything,

theres a chance,

to live and die,

like our so called love,

which was never really anything

to you.

Mere words cannot explain,

how horrible I feel.

I can't believe,

I wasted a whole year,

thinking I loved you,

never giving up,

I kept trying and trying

for you hand.

It seems you whipped it away,

from my grasp.

You ran and hid from me,

when I needed you the most.

I needed your comfort,

but it was never there.

The only thing you ever gave me,

was a complete blank stare.

Writing down so many things,

it was all a complete waste,

waste of my time.

On so many nights,

you were on my heart,

and my mind.

Dancing like a ballerina,

to a never ending lullaby.

After all those times,

you never invested,

into my heart,

while I silently crawled,

into yours.

I can't believe the poison that I feel,

wasteing away a whole year.

As with everything in this life,

our love will meet the end.

But I know your loving wasn't there,

it was never ever ever there.

Why didn't you crawl into my heart?

The door was wide open,

but you never dared to enter,

you were aware of loves thorns.

So sad, so true.

I wish I knew better,

knew better than to screw with love,

I thought I'd learned all my lessons,

but it seems I'm still just a novice.

I should have noticed,

you didn't care,

by your complete blank stare.


Oh I was aware,

of your blank stare.

Ripping out my heart,

from within my undieing love,

my burning passion broke apart.

I just kept moving on,

going until I stopped noticing,

pretending it wasn't there,

your complete blank stare.