Spraying everywhere,

is the blood of my heart,

crying over the last moment,

we ever shared together.

A lieing stare,

is what you gave me.

In return,

I gave you,

a flipped sided,

truth turning,

loving kiss.

My heart poured deep for you,

every single second,

pumping out endless passion,

washing around in my heart,

acheing my arms,

with a surging energy,

to spill down,

onto a piece of paper,

a scattered tale,

of lies and deciet.

You stabbed hard,

so very hard,

that I could not see,

your poisonous dagger,

thrusting upwards,

straight into my body.

Why hurt it more?

I needed your comfort,

not your lies,

not a fake smile,

designed for your pleasure.

I wanted and waited,

for your heart,

as patient and as calm

as a man can be.

But only now can I see,

your nicely crafted game.

All played out in advance,

it was all a lie.

Created by you,

to make me die for you.

I layed down,

strapped with a chain,

wrapped tightly around my neck.

Being your slave,

always frowning,

still believing in you,

I trusted deep.

Drenched within the dirt,

bathed into a horrid bath,

full of misconceptions.

I did truly care,

cared to bother with you.

Called you whenever,

whenever free time came along,

which was all the time,

I needed to see,

you didn't care for me.

A spiraling stair case,

of a spinning year,

that I walked up,

completely exhausted,

from your non-attention,

thinking that maybe,

in some way possible,

that when I reached the end,

you would still be there for me,

waiting with an undieing love,

ready to hold and hug.

But it seems you were waiting

for someone new

who could burst your bubble.

So you kicked me down,

rolling around,

each and every day,

you silently cracked a whip.

I stumbled down

with every spiky step,

always with a tired smile,

having faith,

that it wasn't true,

that I still loved you.

Smashing face first,

into the concrete,

Ain't it so sweet,

to feel your mouth,

stained in blood?

My bleeding heart,

crying love blood,

full of poison.

A once burning passion,

is now all dead.

Toppled down,

your statue goes,

inside my head.

I am free as a bird,

away from being your slave.

I dance around merrily,

with scars of fake love.

Screaming out into the world,

jumping with joy,

I flap my wings,

flying far away,

high into the daylight sun,

shining down,

upon my bright spirit,

a cool breeze,

fills my inner soul

with an everlasting freedom.

I can finally be myself,

flying far far away

from your little play.