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Rated: NC-17

Thicker Than Blood

by P.A. Lovas

The cool night air does little to calm the raging heat ripping through my body, as soft hands trail fiery patterns across my aching flesh. I arch into the touch,, NEEDING...more. Sensing my distress, gentle arms wrap around my waist lifting me into a warm embrace and a strong arousal is pressed firmly against my opening. I groan in anticipation, waiting for the brief flash of pain that will inevitably happen. As always, bright eyes look down on me in distress, always with the fear of hurting me. I smile, trying to convey that I'll be alright, that it'll only hurt for a second. Worry is quickly replaced by doubt as I feel a shift in movement, and I am taken. I hold back my wince, not wanting to him to pull back in fear. I slowly begin to rock, creating a rhythm that he quickly follows as if we were surrounded by a song playing only for us...only for this moment. Time seems to pass in stages, one moment painfully slow, and the next far too quick. I want it to last forever...for the world to freeze just as it is. I want it to feel the blissful euphoria that will proceed. The choice was an easy one to make, because I simply had no choice. Bright, hot light explodes behind my eyes and I claw at his back in an attempt to regain the control that was fast slipping away from me. I feel as if I'm falling, and I prepare myself for the contact which never arrives. I blink open my eyes and smile warmly. One arm is firmly wrapped around my waist, while he uses the other to keep himself from falling on me. He lowers me gently down, my head softly hitting the pillow as he rolls to the side, sighing. I turn to him, snaking an arm around his waist, burying my head in his chest. I smile sleepily as he pulls me close, holding me with every possible care. As sleep clouds my mind, my heart sings silently to our personal melody. My love...

"Romeo and Juliet is perhaps the most tragic love story ever written." My head lolls to the side as the teacher drones on, giving the same lecture as every teacher from every year. Figuring I won't be missing much with a quick nap, I allow my eyes to slide shut, my pencil tucked between my lips as I drift into a light slumber. I faintly hear a chuckle in the back of my mind, but I brush it off. It can wait until I wake up. The laughter gets louder, ripping through my head, and I force my eyes open. What's so damn funny anyway?

"I don't know, Mr. Wilkins. Why don't you tell me?"

"Huh?" I blink a few times trying to clear the haze that appeared in front of my eyes. As my gaze sharpened, I was met with expression of one ticked-off Literature teacher. "Oh shit..."

She shook her head at me as I quickly clamped my hand over my mouth. "What seems to be the problem with you lately, Adrien? Missing assignments, and now falling asleep? Is everything alright?"

I groaned and squinted my eyes closed praying for the floor to swallow me whole. But as I peeled them open, I was still at my desk, and still in the middle of this horribly embarrassing situation. I cleared my throat. "Everything's fine Mrs. Moore. Honest." She looked at me doubtfully, eyeing me as if the truth was written somewhere on my face. I plastered on the most innocent look I could muster, and fairly breathed aloud a sigh of relief as she turned her head.

"But don't think you're getting away scott-free, mister." I groaned. I knew this was coming. "You will write a 500-word essay on why Romeo and Juliet is the most tragic of love stories. And you will read it aloud to the class. You have one week. Class dismissed."

Whimpering, I gathered my books, and practically ran from the classroom, mortified.

"Adrien, wait up!" A familiar voice stopped me dead in my tracks. "Dude, what the hell was all that?"

"Shut up, Robert," I snapped, turning on my heels. "I don't need a lecture from you too, alright?"

"Woah, retract the claws there, pussycat. That time of the month?" Sometimes he's such an ass.

"Look, I didn't mean to snap at you. I'm sorry."

"Yeah, I know." His cheesy grin faded as he stared at me, his eyes searching. "But, are you sure you're alright, man? It's not like you to nod of in class."

I smirked a little, my voice laughing. "That's your forte, right?"

"Exactly! I can't very well have you stealing my signature moves. If I let you do that, they'll be nothing to distinguish me from that guy over there." He thrust his thumb in the direction of a small freshman boy.

"Don't point," I reprimanded, a smile playing on my lips.

"I wasn't pointing. THIS is pointing." Robert stretched out his arm, and extended his index finger, wagging his hand at the boy, who by now looked rather startled and confused. I shook my head, laughing quietly. I take it back. He's always an ass.

"What class you headed to next?" I asked, taking a few tentative steps forward, waiting for him to follow.

"Metal shop." He grinned widely, wagging his eyebrows. "We're making swords."

I turned to him, my mouth hanging open in shock. "Swords?" I repeated, obviously confused. "As in 'weapons of death' swords?"

"The very same."

"Is that allowed?"

"Do I ever do anything that is?"

"Touché." I threw my head to the side, laughing. He was something else. No matter how down I am, he always can cheer me up with his antics. No matter how stupid I look, he always does something worse. I grin. "I think I'll keep you around for a while."

"Um...that's good. But may I ask what brought that on?" Robert asked, cocking an eyebrow.

"You make me look good." I reply simply. I flash him a smile, and he responds by shaking his head.

"Aren't we the egotistical one?"

"One of us has to be. And between us, I'm the obvious choice." I laugh as he pounces on me, putting me in a headlock.

"Apologize and maybe I'll let you live. Go on. Say 'uncle'!"

"How about 'brother' instead?" I looked up the best as I could with an arm wrapped securely around my neck. If I hadn't known the voice by heart, I certainly would have recognized the signature cowboy boots decorating the person's large feet.

Robert shook his head. "The was beyond bad. You're punch lines need work, Alex."

"You'll be seeing my punch line real soon unless you let go of my brother, Silverstein."

I heard Robert groan as the arm around my neck slackened enough to allow me escape. I quickly pulled myself upright, smoothing out my ruffled hair. "Well, as much as I enjoy this exchange of pleasantries, I really must be on my way."

"You sure run off quickly to 5th period. Don't you have independent study?" Robert asked, rubbing his chin in thought.

"You know me," I laughed, shifting nervously from one foot to the next. "I love to study."

"Better you than me," he laughed, and then turned to my brother. "Well, class is gonna start soon. You better mosey on into the sunset, cowpoke." Alex scowled at him, his deep blue eyes narrowing as he swiftly kicked Robert square in the knee. "Son of a-"

Alex simply grinned, tipping an imaginary hat to me before he turned on his heels. I stood there a while, staring at his receding back before shaking my head.

"Fucking cowboy boots," I heard Robert groan, as he rubbed at his knee. I laughed. "It's not funny. It really hurt!"

"I know, that's why it's funny."

Robert straightened himself, a playful grin on his face. "On that kind note, I better get to class. I've got 'weapons of death' to forge. I'll see you later, pussycat." I opened my mouth to yell at him, but he left in a dead run, obviously prepared for my reaction.

I pouted all the way to the library. God, I hated that nickname! I reached my hand out toward the handle, and immediately I felt relieved, as a shiver of excitement ran through me. Taking a deep breath, I counted to ten in an attempt to calm my racing heart. I slowly pulled open the door, slipping quietly in, trying to not drawn attention to myself. Attention is an luxury I can no longer afford to have.

Silently, I padded over to a small, secluded section of the library set far away from prying eyes. It was meant to be used for study, a place where no sound can penetrate. And lucky for me, not a soul used it during 5th period. I flopped ungracefully onto the small, hard couch, and began thumbing through a novel left on the small table in the center of the room. I furrowed my eyebrows as I skimmed the pages. This wording seemed awfully familiar. I turned the book over, and nearly scoffed as I read the elaborate font elegantly sprawled across the cover. Romeo and Juliet. Great.

I half jumped as a hand was placed on my shoulder, startling me back into reality. I grinned as I turned to my intruder, throwing myself into his arms.

He laughed as he held me close, running strong hands through my hair. "Miss me, Adrien?"

I tilted my face up, drowning in pools of deep blue. "More than you know, Alex."


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