Pure Emotion
© Hailey Gaida; Anarchy Star

Life is what I get from you
I get a chance to live.
You bring me strength, happieness, joy
And you always continue to give.
You give me the strenght to take each day
With an open mind
You give me the courge that I need
So I can survive.
You tell me things will be okay
You always ease my fright.
You're always there when I need you
During Day and During Night,
You're soft embraces make me feel
As if I'm "Wonder Girl"
Like I can accomplish any task
Even the hardest that will unfurl.
You strengthen me in every way
That you possibly can
And when I need reassurance
You take me by the hand.
You tell me how you love me
And how you'll never stop
When I hear you say that
My tears begin to drop
You ask me why I'm crying
And 'Did I do something wrong?'
No, No, No you didn't… It's just that…
I've loved you for so long.
I was blind to that emotion
How could I not see…
I was meant for you.
And you were meant for me.