summary: A Japanese actor comes to America to escape the pressures of stardom, merely to fall head over heels in love.

warnings: boy x boy love. Haters, sod off.

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This is chapter is intended to inform you of who everyone is. I'm going to refer to some anime, so heh heh, if you aren't positive of who the people are, sorry.



Age: 22

Appearance: 5'5", pale skin, 120lbs, wavy black hair, brown eyes but wears green contacts because his eyes have a tint of red to them (THINK: Ken from Weiss Kruez) He's kind of girlish looking, thus earning his 'droolworthy' title of bishonen. ^^

Personality: Despite how jovial and playful his looks might portray, Kurama's actually very subdued and quite, reflecting from his past. He's intelligent and has a passion for the classics


Age: 19

Appearance: 6'1", bronzed skin, 160lbs, spiky blonde hair, grey eyes, some freckles on his nose and cheeks. (THINK: Vash from Trigun)

Personality: polar opposite of Kurama. Outgoing, loud and yet extremely protective of those he cares about. He carries himself with pride and despite his silliness, he's down to earth when it comes to relationships.


Age: 12

Appearance: She's Logan's little sister. Very white skin, 4'6", 80lbs, brown hair, brown eyes. Always wears her hair in pigtails (THINK: Sasami from Tenchi!)

Personality: Due to Logan and her's parents dieing, she's the reflection of a child forced to grow up to fast. She's serious to a fault and just as Logan is protective of her, she's even more of him! She immediately hates Kurama but that changes with time


Age: 24

Appearance: 5'9", 130lbs, died blonde hair, black eyes.

Personality: He's Kurama's manager and also his best friend, Taichi isn't pleased with Kurama's attitude of late and is even more disappointed when Kurama disappears. He loves Kurama dearly and would do anything for him.

Title: Because We Can

Chapter 1 (Kurama POV)

NOTES (..) = inner thoughts or Kurama arguing with himself.

"Takanishi-sama!" the pert and squeaky voice of my manager's assistant pleaded with me to cease my walking and pay attention the ramblings Sagura initiated for her to ask. Another photo shoot, another modeling contract, another movie script. I sigh, shutting the door in her face. The indignant huff and the clicking of heels announced her vacating from my premises. I sink on the plush sofa in my wardrobe, throwing my arms across my face.

Life was perfect a few years ago, when I was first starting out in the entire actor scene. Publicity wasn't that big of deal then but now, I can barely go onto the streets of Tokyo without being recognized. The swarms of fangirls rush to me and my bodyguards are threatened into using brute force to protect me. People think that actors don't have it bad. We do. We might be rich and beautiful but we get the short end of the stick when it comes privacy. You try living one month, sometimes less, at your own home without interruptions from squawking agents and directors all wanting you to be in the next big movie.

I yawn, shifting to my side. To be honest, I haven't had a weeks vacation in two years. I was discovered while working at local boutique when I was 15. I worked theatre for a year until finally, the director Himura Wu came across my natural talent and made me the star of his movie, Dan Dan Kokoro Hikareteku. From the the day of its release in Japan I become a national prodigy. By the time America opened it, I was filthy rich and swimming in a pile of fan letters and stalkers.

I sound like I'm whining, I know. Sometimes I want out, you know? Do you ever have those days when you just don't want to wake up, when you think everything's wrong and you would be far better off keeping your eyes closed? I've been having those recurring thoughts lately. I may be stressed and anxious but I'm not pyschotic enough to go to a psychiatrist. Money sucking bastards.

The door creaks open, signaling that its my agent. I glance at him, noting the displeased frown. By the time he's 30 he's going to have wrinkles galore. All thanks to me. I smirk smugly to myself. "Taichi, kisama!" I jest in fun, smiling widely at him. He's my best friend and I know I would have gone crazy had I not had him in my life. Ever since my parents...well, thats a touchy subject and I'm in way too good of mood to spoil it.

"Baka!" he barks, crossing his arms in front of his chest. It's amazing he's only 24. He gives the impression of some old, retired army ranger. "You're going to cause your entire career to go down the fucking drain!" He seethes, fingers desperately searching in his pockets for his cigarettes. I despise those things and he knows it. Its apparent he doesn't know that I'm glaring at him. Joy, I can get lung cancer from second-hand smoke now. He lights the thin stick, hands shaking with uncontrolled nerves. "And mine too! Kurama, I don't know what you're playing at but this needs to stop. So far, this week alone, you've blown off a photo shoot with Playgirl-need I remind you that shoot alone was worth five hundred thousand dollars?!" I shake my head. Of course I knew but I'm not going to take my clothes off for the benefit of horny women. No thanks. "Then, there was the interview in Cosmopolitian that you skipped! Are you dense, Kurama?! Their going to be printing how you neglected them! Le Beau had you lined up to do another shoot but you canceled! Kurama, I want answers now!"

Uh-oh, he's got the too intense stare that usually means; If you dont tell me know, I'm going to chop your balls off and feed them to the sharks. Did I mention he's a little crazy? Okay, a little is an understatement. He IS crazy. Maybe I should save all my dry witty comments. I'm rather partial to my balls attached to my body. "I'm sorry Tai, its just there's so much going on at once that its becoming an over load."

His face softens, just as I knew it would. He squashes the cigarette in the ashtray, eyes alight with something akin to pity. If he wasn't my friend, I'd kill him for that emotion. I hated to be pitied while growing up and I hate it now. "Gomen nasai," he whispers in our native tongue, crouching to his knees before the couch. His hand gently carresses my face. "I know this is a huge burden on you and I wish I could alleviate the suffering but right now, Asian men are the hottest fad since silicone breasts. Just so happens, your the number one bishonen." A title I assure you I didn't want. "You can't just cancel these publicity stunts, alright?"

I nod jadedly, fluffing my bangs with a breath of air. "I understand Tai." I really do. This could put him out of a job if I start losing my fans. Though, the chances of that happening are slim to none. I'm kind of popular in America and Europe as much as I am here in Japan. "I wont do it again." Kami-sama, I sound like a child who's been caught with his hand in the cookie jar, getting scolded by mom.

"Good, I knew you'd see things my way." He grins impishly, rising to his feet. "I admit I've been working you too hard lately. Take a vacation Kurama. I'll see you in a month." Taichi throws me a wink, shuffling from the room with loud steps.

That was...sudden. I never get vacations. A grin slowly works its way to spread across my lips fully. I leap to my feet, grabbing my phone and jacket. I pass Kim on my way out, glowwering at her. I'm not coming back for a month. Good for me! Insert one of those neko smiles from animes. I press the button on my keyring for the car to start itself. Aren't I nifty?

Just where the hell does one go to escape life? I mean, seriously, I'm known nearly everywhere except in places that can't afford to have an entertainment industry; like the tribes in New Zealand or the natives in Africa that still live as their ancestors did. I think America is my only safe bet. Its huge enough that it shouldn't be too hard to blend in. I turn my carphone on, aren't those little carsets the best?

"Jinzungin Travel Agency, this is Namura speaking. How may I help you today?" Do all of these people have to sound like automatons?

"Yes, I'd like information on some of the less populated regions of America, preferably on the East Coast."

"Just a minute sir, I'll connect you to the American division."

I do not go to America much; once in a while to promote. I don't have much a fan base there. From record sales of my last album, Hitomi, only a couple hundred thousand of those were from America. I didn't mention that I'm not only an actor but I'm a singer too for the group Mizerable Rose. I don't peform music as much as I used to, ever since my career jumpstarted in acting. As for the fans of my acting career; the only Americans who know about me are obsessed otaku's. I can barely walk down the streets in Japan without being glomped by random girls or even hordes.

"Angela Parker. What can I do for you today?" That's a cheery tone. I bet she's a fresh faced graduate.

"I'd like to know of a rural place on the East Coast, where not alot of people would be." (I do not speak that good English for the sake of my retelling my story, it will be as if I have. Imagine it, if you would) The East Coast has always attracted me, mainly due to the fact that I love New York City and Orlando. I'm a fan of musicals; Broadway offers the best. I also like Disney World. Its different from Tokyo Disney and I do perform there once a year.

Typing of the girl's keys and the popping of her gum has my nerves on edge. I hate being such a solid listener, I pick up the most inconspicious sounds. "Um...Okay! I can help you out sir. Roanoke, Virginia is ethnically diverse enough that you wouldn't feel too out of place." Oh, great, make my self esteem drop to my toes. "There is a variety of entertainment; clubs, restraunts, coffee houses, shopping. Plus, the beauty that is the Appalachians. Its a wonderful place if your on the run and seeking to hide your fame."

"Thank you," I say, growling at the phone and pressing the off button. Hiding my fame! I just want a vacation from all the glitz and glamour. Does everyone think that life is so great for us who were just lucky that we were blessed with gifts? We used our gifts and talents, whether being a beautiful face or a musician, to become stars. I knew what I was getting into when I started this entire career. Remember one thing; I'm still mortal, I'm still human.

~ ~ ~

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