I kept myself self-assured, never doing wrong

But a curious rebellion had been growing far too long.

You made your passes, I chose to accept the invitation

Based upon my want of an adulthood initiation.

If conventional morality should turn out to be a bore

Already going to hell, so it's okay that I'm a whore.

I knew what kind of action my decisions could induce

It was really fairly simple - you were easy to seduce

Yeah, I'd been legally of age for whopping thirty days

You saw me in a new light now, but still with that same old gaze.

Does it make you happy that your dreams have all come true?

Having no commitments and still have me under you?

And as I was on my back, unmoving, without even feeling

I thought I was giving, but from myself was stealing

Although it now hurts inside, I still have yet to cry

I know it's not the same for you but I really don't care why.

So face that cliché old adage, "This was a mistake"

While I regret (try to accept) that my infallibility is fake.