Another sunrise. Another day.

My hand rested lazily on the steering wheel and I let out a loud yawn. Engine groaning with age, my station wagon clattered slowly down the highway. My eyelids were growing heavy, but, figuring it would be a good idea, I kept them open a slit so I could see the road ahead of me. Cars honked from behind because of my slow speed, but I only raised the volume of my stereo. I gazed at my surroundings, resolving that the car would drive itself.

I lowered my eyes to a small puddle of water. Amidst the liquid was a tiny mass of hair. Some relentless driver probably trampled the poor, defenseless squirrel. Or could he have been testing the driver's cruelty... and apparently lost? No... he seemed a bit depressed. Maybe he was a deprived creature who wished for his own demise! Poor fool. There's always a reason to live. Why, just the other day. I was broken out of my reverie as the nose of my station wagon slammed into the back seat of a Mustang. I slumped over the wheel as the driver screamed obscenities at me.

Another sunrise.

Another day.