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He Never Comes

I stood there, watching, as she threw her life away. She sat in a corner, alone, her shoulders slumped and her back hunched over. She had wasted her feelings on him. Yet, he wasn't by her side. He was off flirting with sluts and cheating on her. She seemed so alone, no feeling in her empty heart. I didn't even know her anymore. Everyday, she would waste her time, waiting for him. He never came. He was always too busy for her. I felt sorry her, and I would help her, had she not already pushed me out of her life. She was the sister that I never had.

A few moments later, he walked over to her. He gave her an emotionless hug and whispered something in her ear. Then, he glared at her with those ice-cold eyes of his and sauntered off. She looked after him, feeling abandoned and used. Like a last resort, something to fall back on. And she never complained. She just waited for him, day after day, to come back. To relieve her from all her pain and reassure her that everything would be fine.

I thought back upon those days long ago, when her fiery eyes were so full of life. It seemed like such a long time since I had seen that spirit in her. It almost felt like a faint memory from a past life or a dream.

Those memories were long gone, now. She had pushed everyone she held close to her out of her life and locked herself up in her own world, never to return. She compromised her values just for him and gave away everything that meant so much to her just for a mere glance of acknowledgement or a few words from him, telling her he would be there for her and he loved her. She was naïve enough to believe his words. I had lost my friendship with her to him, and she had lost her life. She was there in body, but not in spirit. He had already stripped her of her happiness. Everyday, she sits there, throwing her life away waiting for him. He never comes.

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