A/N: This is NOT a suicide note, I swear! I just feel really, really,
really horrible right now. I'm sorry.


"Kill Me"

Kill me now
My soul is crying
I don't care how
I am already dying

I lost my friends
I don't deserve them
I am alone until my life ends
Lifeless is what I am

Can my life be taken away?
I don't have one to give
During life all I did was betray
And no one would forgive

I backstabbed the ones I cared for
And they backstabbed me too.
But out of my wound came blood and gore.
And in return I did that to you.

I know you hate me
I hate myself too
So just leave me be!
You have your own things to do.

I only caused you pain
I made you worry about me
I drove all of you almost insane
I am so sorry

This may be too late
But I want you to know it's all my fault
What I am about to do is fate.
So good-bye I'll miss you all.