Buried in sweet catastrophe.

Eyes meeting

Can I kiss you?

Ah, but that's the question isn't it?

Maybe yes, maybe no.

Maybe I'll just go on strike...

A barbed wire fence couldn't hold us back

Though ripping our skin in pandemonium

Dancing sweating feeling barely breathing

Can I kiss you?

No, but can I kiss... you?

Don't wanna hear about it

Even though I know about it

If you kissed me

Would I taste your poison?

Or just the honeyed words

That coat your lips.

Press slivers of smashed glass to them

Watch the vibrant blood flow

Ah, there's your truth, mingled in your heartbeat

Watch you bleed from the lips

And smile at your silky words.

Can I kiss you?

Yeah, but isn't there a price for everything?

You can kiss me but then I want my own kiss

My blade kissing against your... soul

We dance together slowly

I feel your truth between my fingers

And taste your lies against my lips

And I hear your heart against my chest.

Cute kiss, I think...

Maybe next time we'll go further...

Sharper blade.