Title: Love Prevails

summary: They hated each other for most of their lives but when a new boy comes and starts to lust for her, will the hate go to love?

disclaimers: I dont own anything that isn't mine

Chapter 1

"Go to hell!" the pertinent voice yelled. A tiny, petite girl of sixteen had her hands akimbo on her slender waist, glaring with narrowed peridot oculates at the towering boy. She was five foot nothing, one hundred pounds but with the ferocity of a wildcat. The tresses of flaxen hair tumbled to her elbows, the wind adding an unkempt appearance that merely doubled the ravishing anger the girl radiated. Her voice was quivering with emotion as those calm, hazel eyes stared evenly at her.

The boy was a foot taller than her; her head barely reached his shoulder. He was slim, his body a platform for toned muscles that were long and lean, stretching almost model-like on bronzed flesh. Raven hair that tinted blueish-obsidian in any sort of lighting gave him a nonchalant disposition. She was a preppy cheerleader, he was a punk of the highschool in the densely populated town of Riner. For twelve years, their lives had been filled with venoumous feuding and mutual hate.

A few people stopped to watch the verbal sparring, most having gotten used to the spats. Kirei was usually the one who instigated the matches and she usually won too. Though, it was speculated that Zeke lost on purpose. A teacher watched with disinterest from his room, keeping in sight in case he was needed which was highly unlikely.

Zeke rolled his eyes. "You have the most mundane retorts. I am not wasting my time on someone whose intellectual capacity was filled during primary school." A laugh from one of the other punks caused Kirei's cheeks to flame pink with indignation.

"How dare you insult my intelligence! I happen to have a 4.0!"

"Because you fuck the teachers. Everyone knows you do people who can offer you money; what's to say you don't fuck for grades?" Zeke shrugged, glancing at his group of three. In a town such as Riner, there weren't many punks or goths. Just Zeke, Magdelena, and Darien.

Kirei snarled, about to rush forward and physically fight but one of the jocks easily picked her up and swung her across his shoulder. Kirei punched at Josh's back, legs kicking comically in the air. Zeke's impassive lips quirked into a miniscule smile. School was entertaining when it involved the arguements with Kirei.

Magdelena smirked, punching her friend on the arm. "That was so fucking funny Zeke." The lithe red head picked at a piece of lint on Zeke's tight, black tee shirt with the AFI logo written across the front. "Poor Kirei," Mags said mockingly.

Zeke 'hned' in aknowledgement, heading towards first period. What a way to start ones day. He used to skip twice a week until Kirei's fighting started to happen uniformly. It was the highlight of Zeke's otherwise boring day. His schedule 24/7/365 consisted of this: Go to school, come home to eat, go to the Grunge and chill with the punks from the surrounding schools, go to Darien's and practice in their band, DragonSpear, go home. That was Zeke's boring life.

"Zeke, when are you going to get a girlfriend?" Mags asked, as she did everyday. It used to be endearing that she cared but now it was just plain annoying. Mags truly meant well with her questions. She hoped that with prompting he would consider dating again after his first and last disasterous girlfriend. The bitch had been with him for the sole reason of making her boyfriend jealous. Even after a year of keeping the facade, the slut went crawling back to him once he'd broken up with some other random girl. Zeke hoped they were both rotting six-feet-under.

"And when are you going to get a girlfriend?" Zeke asked rhetorically. Mags was the resident and only lesbian at the school, probably in the entire county. She was proud of her sexuality and flaunted it openly. There were times when the arguing of Zeke and Kirei would escalate so high that Mags would intervene and ask Kirei for a fuck that in turn led to lots of blinking confusion on Kirei's behalf.

Zeke and Mags waved bye to Darien as they went into their English 11 class. Both immediately went to the backseats; leaving the fronts ones for the smart asses that wore the glasses that made their stupid faces appear two times too big. Zeke hated those fucks more than he hated the preps because they were a combination of prep and genuis. A bad and wretched mixture. They always felt the need to correct everyone and were usually politically correct and shunned those different.

Unfortunately for Zeke and Mags, Kirei had the same English as them. Zeke kept a composed stare on the object of his bane during the entire educational experience of his life. One of the other cheerleaders pulled Kirei to her side and the immediately went to animate gossiping. The slackers filed in next, they also adopted the back seats for themselves. The rest of the preps filled in the middle row and finally the nerds, making their grand entrance, signaled the beginning of another fun filled first period.

Miss Robinson, a woman with gray flecked black hair and pasty white skin, rapped the side of her desk with impatience. She shot a glowwer at the preps and sent a goodmorning smile to Mags and Zeke. Clover had been a freak in school just like them; the main reason the two aced the class was her tolerance for their behavior. "Hello class," she said in a monotone, poking a deadly looking clip into her hair. Zeke wondered if Clover had ever killed someone. She certainly had the appearance and mannerisms of a trained bounty hunter. He would have to ponder this with Mags and Darien at lunch. "We have a new student to introduce. He's from England."

A boy stepped inside and like a domino affect; the girls swooned. All except Mags who merely pointed and mouthed that Zeke was sexier. That was so helpful coming from a lesbian. The British teenager wasn't all that special to regard. He was of average height and average build. Okay, so those freckles on his cheeks and on his nose were a little cute and they matched perfectly with the sandy blond hair and bright blue eyes. Zeke ground his teeth and clenched his jaw. He needed to die.

"Hello, I'm Tom Williamson and as Miss Robinson told, I am from England. London to be exact. Beautiful place was quite dreary." He flashed pearly whites and Zeke resolved that Tom would be on his hit list, if only he could find his gun. Insert those funny anime disgruntled faces that Vash always makes.

"We don't need to know your background. Sit next to Miss Matthews," Clover commanded, pointing at the empty seat beside Kirei. "Open your textbooks to page 600 as we discuss colonial literature. I'm going to put some notes on the board and they will be on your next test. Copy them or not, I don't give a damn. It's your grade."

Tom smiled brightly at Kirei, the girl earning a nudge from her friend Katie. "What is your name, if you don't mind my asking."


"Lovely name for a lovely girl," Tom winked cheerfully. Zeke's lips twitched into a grim resolve. It shouldn't have mattered that Tom was flirting blatantly with Kirei. She was only his entertainment relief. Tom brushed her arm. Zeke glared. He did not care. The voices in his head went back to whistling innocently.

Mags snorted at Zeke. He was so blind. Kirei was blind too. Mags returned to staring out of the window at the distant trees. Life's a bitch and somedays it has puppies. That was Mags' motto.

Kirei, unbeknowst to her friend, was uncomfortable. She might have been popular and beautiful but she dealt with a load of insecurities. One of those being on trust. She hated people who liked her for her appearance and it was obvious Tom was no different. Who ever said Brits were less superficial than Americans?

The bell rang. Tom slipped a piece of paper into Kirei's hand. "Its my number. Call me tonight when you get home from cheerleading practice and we'll go out."

Kirei waited for him to vacate the room before she balled the paper up and stuffed it into her bag. As if she would call him. Unexpectedly, she collided with a solid structure. She opened her eyes to meet black and the sculpted pectorals of a person who obviously went to a gym or something. The pectorals weren't bulky like Josh's but...were sleek like Bruce Lee's.

"Would you mind moving, runt?"

Kirei's eyes widened at the fact that she'd been admiring Zeke's chest! She only let her shock show for a breif second before once again her anger started to rile her like a frizzled cat. "You should have been watching where you were going, idiot!"

Zeke giddly restrained the grin that threatened to break through. Only he could get Kirei that mad. Not some stupid British boy. Zeke mentally kicked himself. Kirei didn't matter to him! "And maybe if your head wasn't in the clouds you would have noticed that I was there."

Kirei huffed, stomping one of her feet childishly adorable. Her cheeks puffed and Zeke was imagining a temper-tantrum. Zeke would have hated to see Kirei was an actually toddler. She must've been quite the handful; he felt sorry for Mister and Missus Matthews. "Oh...you're terrible!" Kirei, without a witty comeback, tromped from the room with an added flair to her step.

Mags kicked Zeke in the shin. "Move already instead of congratulating yourself on your victory. Besides, her ass isn't that special to stare at," Mags grinned impishly at the outright disgusted visage on her best friend's features.

Zeke stuck his tongue at her. "You would know," he laughed, avoiding the Flailing Fists of Doom. He sped through the halls towards his second period class. Kirei watched the auburn haired girl chase the boy in black down the corridor. She smiled slightly and then berated herself maddeningly for considering Zeke's antics as hilarious and, Heaven Forbid, cute?

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Notes: This is actually describing a true story. *whistles innocently*