Forget and remember, a slave must do.

Summary: A slave loses her memory, and her Master is going to use that for his own good...*PLANNING ROMANCE*

I got this idea because I am appealed by slave Fiction's, I thought of this myself and any resemblance is not meant, this is , not .

I thought this up in a few miutes, but the general concept was large.


A girl of about 15 opened her eyes to see a man naked, she did'nt know where she was, and she noticed she was naked as well. She shrieked, and the man said:"What's wrong?" It did'nt come out friendly, even though many people would have found it that, but the girl was scared enough to ask the stranger:"Where am I?"In a tone that made the man mad.

"How dare you talk like that?! Address me with Lord!" He said loudly, almost yelling it. Almost instantly, a girl of 16 came in, asking:"Is everything okay, Lord?" The Lord nodded.

The girl tried to get away, but the Lord came closer to her, grabbing her by her arm painfully, she knew it was useless to try and get out for some reason.

"Now be a good slave and go do your tasks" The man said mockingly, almost spitting the word slave. The girl was confused.

"What tasks?" She asked, the first reply she got was a harsh slap on the top of her head, sending her on the Lord's chest, he emcircled her waist to make sure she could'nt move.

"First you act totally horny on me, and then you go pretend like you don't even know what you are?" The Lord said, spitting a few words, literaly. He then began to smile Evily.

"What is your name?" He asked. The girl opened her mouth to reply, but she did not know what to say, she did'nt know her name. The girl's eyes widened with fear.

"Your name is Sheba, and you are a servant, under MY(He put a lot of emphasis on the word "My") Control, your task is to do anything I ask you"

Sheba's eyes widened even more, she began to wiggle to try and get out, failing miserabely. She soon stopped and asked:"Where am I?"

The Lord slapped her once more "That is Where am I, LORD? Foolish slave" He then grinned, kissing her in a not so lovingly way. It was a forced kiss, one that usualy meant that a girl would get raped, but the Lord had no intentions in that, he did'nt like rape anywhere compared to what some slaves gave him

Sheba tried to turn away, but he only stopped after a minute, she was panting, but afraid to show it. She wanted to get out of this man's arms, but she could'nt, all hope she had(Which was not much) Was now in the girl who had now made her way to the two

"Lord, there is one more thing" She said "The council will be seeing you in three hours" She smiled sadly at Sheba.

"Dress me, and then I can get going" The Lord replied, the girl nodded and began to search for good clothes.

"Don't think I'll leave it to this, little girl who lost her memory, I'll be seeing you later" He said to Sheba, kissing her forehead just to annoy her, placed her on the bed under the covers. He said:"You will be staying here until I get back, don't try to get away."

The girl motioned to him that she was ready, and he nodded. Shooting one more glance at Sheba, she walked off.

Sheba tried to sleep, but she was to scared and too deep in thought to do so. Thus she stayed awake until the Lord returned for her, closing the door bhind himself, he grinned to Sheba.

"Hello there, dear, I hope you slept, 'cause you'll need the strength" He said Evily, grinning. Sheba's eyes widened, scared, she tried to crawl away from the Lord, but he grabbed her arm, pulled her back to him, and grinned once more.

"Don't even think about it, I got quite a plan ready for you" He said as he dragged her kicking body to a pool...


Not much to tell, and yes, I got a bit bored of A New Path, but still check it out everybody!