Forget and remember, a slave must do.

Summary: A slave loses her memory, and her Master is going to use that for his own good...*PLANNING ROMANCE*

I got this idea because I am appealed by slave Fiction's, I thought of this myself and any resemblance is not meant, this is , not .

I thought this up in a few miutes, but the general concept was large.

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Sheba nodded to the Lord, slightly bowing. "Yes, I shall come." They left off to a room far away in the castle, it was hard to reach through all the corridors and hidden doors, and seemed hard for Sheba not to be important. When they entered the last door, Sheba gasped. The room was decorated with only Golden things, even the floor was massive Gold.

The Lord looked back at Sheba, and grinned at her. Stepping closer, he placed a finger under her chin and pushed her mouth closed(Did that sound right?). He smiled at her, and kissed her nose teasingly. "You seem to be amazed by the room" He stated.

Sheba blushed from te combined show of affection, and that she had looked so stupid. She looked around at about six people staring at her. Her face became crimson as she burrowed it into the Lord's chest, groaning softly. The Lord merely grinned.

"People, people, relax! She's a slave, not some thief! Can't you see she's with me?" The Lord said, he seemed much brighter towards these people, and the people seemed pretty normal as well. Glancing up, Sheba's face became visible again. She was still red but she looked less bad. She hugged the Lord's neck for safety, and he did'nt seem to mind. He carried her over to a small throne, which did'nt even seem fit to be one. He carefully placed her into the chair.

"Is the other one ready?" He asked to one man. Sheba barely heared the answer:"Yes, but we are now making sure that everything's right for the ceremony. I presume she(He pointed to Sheba) Is the one to bare it?" The Lord nodded."Although she lost her memory, she still seems to knw what I like by some reason, she is the best there is, no one can do it better"

Sheba watched how the Lord came back to her. He was oblivious to that she had heared the conversation, although she had no idea what it meant. He smiled once more at her."I'll show you the room were staying in for a few days."

Sheba swallowed, the thought of being a love slave entered her mind once again. She walked after her Lord and enetered a room that looked like it was nothing but meant for the very task she was afraid of. The Lord noticed her distress, closed the door, and hugged her close. He began to whisper in her ear:"I don't like slaverny. Yet I have to use slaves because people will find it strange if I don't. I don't want to do this, but...I have no choice..."

The words comforted Sheba in one way and frightened her in another. She would still be used. Even though it was against her master's will. "Lord?..." She began to ask, but he interrupted: "You've never called me that. Call me Rokushan." Sheba nodded."Ro...Kushan..." She said warily. "Why...Me?" A tear welled up in her left eye."Why do I have to go through all this? What did I do before I lost my memory? Why did I lose my memory?" She began to cry out in his arms, tears soon streaming over her face and on top of his clothing. She felt him hug her close so that she would be comforted. She felt sleepy. And soon she fell asleep. (Don't forget that the way I write changes when the main character feels different, even in 2nd pov. Even third.)

Rokushan grinned as he gently placed her sleeping form in a comfortable position on the bed that they would be sharing. But he knew that he had to go for now. He kissed the top of her head lovingly and walked out of the door without making a sound that could wake her up. He reached the room where the executive stay'd for the moment.

"Is she ready?" The large man asked. He was well built but not to clever. He preferred to use power to kill an enemy in war, even if he lost he would still go on. His dark eyes were just creepy. All in all he was a weak officer who had luck he even WAS an officer.

"She lost her memory, what do you think?" Rokushan replied darkly.

"You know that she just pretends, you know she knows everything..." The man replied back, he smirked."I'm not stupid..."

Rokushan looked at him with fire in his eyes. "You are, for thinking that she does something like that. You never saw her. And even then you would'nt recognise what was wrong with her. It is obvious that you think with something else then your brain." He ended. The man's eyes flamed as he went mad and ran at him as fast as he could. He tried to punch him but only ended to stomp into the wall hard. Rokushan kicked him in his crouch and he fell down. Rokushan smirked as he called the guards.

"This man has gone insane. He needs to be stopped, please take him with you and bring him to the Hospital of the Jail." Rokushan decided he would go to the Prince to tell the news. He walked through the huge castle as normal, taking turns that were truly oblivion if you got lost. Rumor had it that hundreds of men were in there, iether as skeletons or walking and hoping to find an exit and thus changing into skeletons soon.

When he entered the throne chamber he saw that the Prince was still awake. He bowed in front of the Prince and said:"Honorable Prince Selecon, I have bad news..." He started. Selecon looked at him with boredom. "And what might that be?" He asked without any interest. "Admiral Officer Jake Lastfort has gone insane when he tried to kill me. The guards have taken him off to iether the Hospital or the Jail, I told them that they could find out what was best". The Prince sighed. "Another rman lost because of the Wolves Of The Stars(See explenation at bottom of this chapter)...You are excused." The Prince looked away, thinking. "Yes Prince..." Rokushan said as he walked out of the room, bowed. He went back to Sheba as fast as he could...

~-That morning-~

Sheba woke up, groaning slightly. She felt warm, strong arms around her, keeping her safe. She smiled inwardly as she gently tried to push him away. He opened his eyes and grinned as his arms pulled her close to him and his lips met her's...


That was this chapter, I hope you all liked the new things and tat it actauly got a plot twist...Dry joke, sorry...

(~-_Explenation of Wolves Of The Stars: Wolves Of The Stars are a sort of bad beings in this fictional world. They are said to bring diseases and are the source of madness and wars. People who like wars are called: Starlovers, while being a stargazer is seen as normal. Exclaiming that you love the stars is suicide also. (If anything is unclear, tell me. I'll add it)