let me smoke on the rising fumes of your sighs
let me draw lines of tender red carresses along the length of your arm
and whisper sweet nothings, ever sweet nothings
of lies and the truth and the cornucopia of thing that could have been.

show me this strangled thoughts of your choked dreams
and let me guide you onto a path of light and enlightenment
to draw you away from the dark inky blackness you once called a heart
i'll pour you like champagne into the chalice of purity
and lick your sins like erotic sun-steamed kisses off your skin

but i'm lying now don't you see
i pretend to save when i'm the one who needs to be saved
and i walk here on this path of the lonely
hunting, like predators, on the dark grey savannah of hate
i be lured to the smoke of your wispy eyes and sighs
and be taunted by the shadows of you
flickering like aurora lights behind the lids of mine eyes

tender bittersweet angel, the guardian that you claim to be
save me from your wrath
that unconscious demon of poisoned talons and stings
then grant me absolution
to the land of the never-ending dreams
or even... to purgatory.