New Orleans
An Original Poem
By: Rebecca Nowack

Finished: 4/27/03

The shining sun gazes
upon my fantasy fairyland.
Horse-drawn carriages,
bejeweled with bold blossoms
of mystery flowers,
clatter against the road.

Performers everywhere
like fizzling flies
on the street, the sidewalk,
the fountain, the square.
Jugglers, dancers,
musicians, and clowns

The harbor overrun with
bustling boats,
bound for the river, Mississippi.
Tourists travelling,
talking along the Riverwalk
Absorbing the salty scent
of a near by ocean.

Elegant buildings,
with stories to tell,
Encompass the streets
from corner to corner.
Their spiraled, steel balconies
priceless works of art.

The moon gazes on
the shuffling night life of
crowded pathways,
People moving without glancing back
Unnoticed, a lone musician
plays his soulful song
to ruling night.


Rebecca Nowack
AIM: chaya311
"Logic is for those who cannot create their own realities."

Wendy: I had no idea all this was going on.
Dave: I did!
Wendy: (with heavy sarcasm) I'm sure you did. Resident genius and
psychologist that you are.
(My favorite lines from I play I did.)