Dream Girl: Yume

Chapter one: A Dream takes Flight

Disclaimer: I own these characters! I don't own Sailor Moon, Gundams and I'm glad I don't own DBZ.

(The scene is in Tokyo, Japan. We are at Tokyo High School with a medium length brown haired, hazel eyed girl named Hana Hikari going to school in her fuku. She was carrying her school books in a black bag as she continued on the street alone. She stops to see a new store across the street. A boy, Hana's age, was standing outside the new shop as he placed a sign up. An old lady who appeared to be the boy's grandmother was outside with a cane, shouting at the boy)

woman: Hurry up with the sign, boy!

boy: Quiet, grandma! This thing isn't as light as you thought!

woman: When I was your age, I could lift up twice of what you are holding with one pinky!

boy: Yeah...and I think you could also fly

woman: That too!

boy: (sighs as he finally get the sign up. It said 'Madam Ashi's House of Fortunes)...there? Ya happy, grandma?

woman: You are weak, boy!

boy: Oh shut up...

Hana:...(she blinks)...A fortune house? How corny...

girl: (walks up behind Hana) Wowwww! A fortune house! We should go after school!

Hana: Ayame...are you sure? The old lady looks insane...

Ayame: So? You like those stupid magical girl mangas!

Hana: And you like those stupid vampire mangas!

Ayame: So? Vampires are cool! Much better than girls running around in short skirts!

Hana: So? At least they have reasons to!

Ayame: Vampires have to drink blood!

Hana: So?! That's a very stupid plot! Just like DBZ!

Ayame: Don't compare vampires to DBZ!

Hana: I can when I...(they hear a bell ringing)...find out we're late for school

Ayame: ...Did you make me late again?

Hana: You made us late!

Ayame: You did!

Hana: You did!

(They finally go to school and are next seen outside of the classroom holding buckets of water)


Ayame:...This is your fault, Hana...

Hana: Shut up, Ayame...

Ayame: It's amazing that we're still friends since preschool...

Hana: And we fight all the time...

Ayame: We're still going to that new place after school

Hana: Fine...but you pay the money

Ayame: Okay! I don't mind! It might be real, Hana!

Hana: Yeah...remember the time you told me that Sailor Moon was real and I believed it...

Ayame: Uh huh! It was so funny when you stayed up all night looking for Sailor Moon!

Hana: I was 8...

Ayame: Still! It was hilarious!

Hana:...sure...right...after school...we go...

(Later that day, during lunch)

Ayame: We were late for school because of Hana again

Hana: It was you, Ayame!

Ayame: It was you!

Hana: You!

Ayame: You!

Masako: Girls! Girls! Stop fighting!


Masako:...It doesn't matter who did...

Ayame: Oh yeah! We saw a new shop today! It was called 'Madam Ashi's Fortune Shop' I wanna go there!

Masako: ...You like your fortunes, right?

Ayame: I wanna hear yours and Hana's as well

Masako:...Maybe...she might say that me and Keitaro are destined for each other (she clasps her hands and gets a very dreamy look in her eyes)

Hana: Right...he's already dating someone else...

Masako: I just know it...soon...we will date...we will kiss...

Ayame: Masako will find a reality check...Masako will face the facts...

Hana: (giggles)...


Hana: You daydreaming...

Masako: Why? You always daydream!

Hana: So?

Ayame: Probably about being a magical girl like Sailor Moon...

Masako: Why that? You need giant robots like Gundams to do the job!

Hana: Sure...have creative science fiction weapons of mass destruction save Tokyo without stepping on it.

Ayame: You just like Gundams because Keitaro likes Gundams...

Masako: Gundams are good!

Ayame: Whatever...we meet at the flagpole after school to go to the fortune shop.

Masako: Right...

(Later that day. They meet at the flagpole)

Ayame: Kyaaa...I failed my math test...

Masako: ...Again?!

Ayame: Yeah...my stupid teacher can't teach a thing to me! It's his fault! What did you get on your history test?


Ayame: You flunked again...you spent all the time staring at Keitaro's head again..didn't you...

Masako: No...

Ayame: ...Yes you did...

Masako:...No...I didn't

Hana: Sorry...I'm late...aren't I?

Ayame: Yes, you are...Let's go! (they leave and arrive at the Fortune shop and walk in. Many tags were on the walls as a crystal ball was in the middle of the room on a purple table) Hello?

Boy: (he walks in. Hana sees that it was the same boy from the morning)...What do you want?

Ayame: Our fortunes told?


Grandma: SILENCE, BOY! (she walks in dressed like a meduim) Gather around, young ladies. Don't mind Yukio, he's not completely with the spirits as I am.

Ayame: (she sat down)

grandma: I am Madam Ashi! Shall I tell your fortune, young lady? 1500 yen per fortune. (Ayame pays up the cash as the room darkens. Ashi begins to look into the crystal ball and wave her hands around it)...I see...in the future...a dark future of chaos...


Ashi: I sense a dark presence after you...your greatest wish will be granted and it will turn into your greatest fear. Your only hope is to rely on your friends to rescue you from this fear...you must trust in your friend's...closely...

Ayame: (she blinked)...Is that it?

Ashi: Yep...NEXT CUSTOMER! (Ayame got up and Masako sat down. Masako gulps and pay the cash)

Masako: (prays to herself) Please be Keitaro...please be Keitaro...

Ashi: I see...(the lights go dim again)...I see...a troubled spirit...your greatest desire...stolen...

Masako: What?

Ashi: Speak not, child...I see...a shadow over your future. You will no longer desire when the shadow passes. Be wary of the future, child...be very wary...(the light return)


Yukio: Oh don't believe this crap...

Ashi: SILENCE, BOY! (she waps him with her cane and looks at Hana) Would you like your turn now?

Hana: Nyahh...I'm not interested...

Ayame: Hana! You promised!

Masako: ..Yeah!

Ayame: I'll even pay!

Hana: Fine! Fine! (She sat down as Ayame payed Ashi. The lights went dim once more as ashi looked in to her crystal ball)...

Ashi: I see...I see...(she gasps)...Your future...it is different from the other two...your greatest dream will become your greatest power...spirits will cower at your power, young child. (She smiled and looked at Hana) Your future is bright. To assure your future, child. Take this pendant. (She said, putting a star shaped pendant in Hana's hand) It will ward off spirits

Hana: Uhh...right...

Ashi: You must trust me, child!

Hana: Sure...let's go...(they leave)

Ashi: ...(looks at Yukio)...Boy! I taught you on what to do!

Yukio: What? Are you sure that's her?

Ashi: My crystal ball never lies!

Yukio: Yeah? What about the other two?

Ashi: Have the Kami bless their souls...

(On the way home)

Masako: Well...that was certainly creepy...

Ayame: Yeah...

Hana: Hmmm...(looking at the pendant. It was a star shape and golden)

Masako: Something about that thing?

Hana: I think it's just junk...

Ayame: Can I have it?

Hana: Maybe I can sell it at school tomorrow...

Ayame: Why not give it to me?

Hana: It looks like a magical girl item

Ayame:...forget it...

Masako: Magical girls are so stupid...

Hana: They are not!

Masako: Yes, they are...see you tomorrow, girls...(she said, walking off)

Ayame: If no one wants it, can I have it?

Hana: No...

Ayame: Poo...(she walks away as well. Hana continues to walk and gets home finally. Her father is a tall man with brown hair, hazel eyes and in a business suit)

dad: Hana! How was your day at school?

Hana: Boring. What were you expecting?

Dad: A sunshine of education and learning?

Hana: No...

Dad: Listen..I have to work late again, tonight...

Hana: Again?

Dad: I'm sure this will be over soon.

Hana: Alright...(she walks into the kitchen and hugs her mom. Her mother was a black haired meduim sized woman with blue eyes. She was wearing a casual dress and an apron.) Hi, mom!

Mom: How was school?

Hana: Why do you always ask me that!?

Mom: I just want to know!

Hana: I know..and you'll hear me say...

Mom: It was boring, I know...I wish you'd improve your vocabuary...

Hana: Sorry...I'm going to my room...I have way too much homework...(she walks into her room to see her little brother, Kuma, who is 9 years old on her computer) KUMA! GET OUT OF MY ROOM!

Kuma: Hana! Ayame says that you visited the crazy new fortune teller today!


Kuma: Nyahhhh! (he sticks his tongue out and leaves)

Hana: Baka Kuma...(she sat down and closed out her messager and began on her homework. It wasn't until late night when she was finished. She got up and groggily walked over to her bed and took off her fuku and put on her pajamas. She threw her fuku onto the floor as the pendant fell onto the floor next to the bed. Hana yawns and crawls into bed and drifts off to sleep. The star pendant began to glow as a beam fired from it to Hana's forehead. Hana smiles as the pendant floated up into the air and created a girl. She was tall with long flowing purple hair and sapphire blue eyes. She had on a pale purple body suit with the star in the middle of it and a blue collar.. Her had a pale purple skirt on with a pale blue mesh over it. She had blue ballet slippers on her feet than went up midway of her legs. She had paled colored ribbons on her arms and in her hair. She blinked and looked around)

girl:...? What's..going on? Am I dreaming? (She looks at Hana asleep)...It's me...asleep? (She then walked into the mirror and looked at it) I look like...a magical girl! Wowwwww! (she giggled as she looked outside)...Now to see if this is real...(she openned the window and dropped out the window, 3 stories up) WAHHHH! (she fell and crashed onto Yukio)


Girl: Sorry...

Yukio: And why dressed so funny? Are you some sort of fashion depraved chick?

Girl: I am not!

Yukio: Whatever...just don't jump out of windows...why were you in the first place?

Girl: Ummm...no reason?

Yukio: (looks at her strange)...Who are you?

Girl: Ummmm...my name? (She thought for a moment) It's Yume

Yukio: Weird name for a weird girl...(he walks off)

Yume: How rude...this is just a dream...I better make it last...(she began to walk down the sidewalk)...Now...if I was a magical girl...I would be able to jump across buildings...(she climbs a ladder on a house and walks onto the roof)...Here I go...(she made a mad dash to the edge and leaped off of the house and landed safely on the next house)...Wowwww...(she sat down and thought for another moment)...Next...I should be faster...(she looked down at her ballet slippers)...yeah...like anyone could run fast in ballet slippers...(she got up and jumped off the roof and landed safely)...wow...(she got ready and began to run down the street)...This is pretty fast...much faster than I run...(she thought for another moment)...Why am I talking to myself? Oh well...this IS a dream...(sirens blared behind her. She ran to the side of the road as an officer approached her)

police: You know why I pulled you over?

Yume: I was jaywalking?

Police: You were running 25 MPH in a 15 MPH zone (Yume face falls) and a young girl like yourself shouldn't be out on the streets at 11:30...especially wearing that...I'm going to have to take an alcohol test


Police: It's obvious. You were at a rave and your still drunk from it. (He makes a yellow strip on the ground) Walk on this line

Yume: okay...(she does so)...

Police:...(he blinks)...Hmmm...Open your mouth

Yume: (sweatdrops as she does and she blows into a little device)

Police:...No alcohol...I'm...I'm sorry, I guess...I mistook you...but now why were you on the streets at this time?

Yume: I'm doing last minute late night shopping?

Police: Wearing that?

Yume: Are you a fashion police officer?!

Police: No...never mind...(he left and glanced back at her and drove away)

Yume: ...That was close...(she continued deeper into the town)...This is boring...being a magical girl in my dream would be better if I could use my powers more...this is the strangest dream I've ever had...(she hears something in a nearby alley. She looked to see 3 gangsters surrounding a man. She stepped up)

thug1: Okey dokey...give us yer money and we'll throw you into the dumpster

man: but...what...if I don't?

thug2: then we'll throw you into the dumpster...

Man: but...it's the same

thug3: Not with 50 broken bottles in there

Yume: Leave him alone!

Thug1: What da?!

Thug2: It's some...cosplaying girl...

Thug3: Leave punk. We don't dig lunch money!

Man: Help meee...

Thug1: Shaddup (he bops the man on the head and the man falls to the ground)

thug3: Now git

Yume: Make me

thug2: Get her!

thug1: Sure thing, boss. (He stepped up to her and punches at her stomach. Yume sidesteps and grabs the thug's arm and knees him in the stomach and throws him over into the wall and into a dumpster) WAUGH!

Thug3: She's tough! Boss!

Thug2: Git the money!

Thug3: Sure! (He begins to drain the man's wallet as thug2 pulls out a gun)

thug2: okay, pixie princess...(he aims at her) What will I write on your grave?

Yume:...Write that your just my imagination

thug2: HA! Think again, princess (he shoots her in the stomach)

Yume: AH! (she kneeled down and crawled behind a dumpster)...That...hurt...but...I can't get hurt in a dream...

Thug2: (creeps forward)...here, princess...

Yume: ...(covers her wound as her hand began to glow purple)...huh? (Her wound begins to heal as the thug aimed at her head)

thug2: give it up, princess

Yume: (she turned and stared at the gun)...

Thug2: Heh heh heh...(Yume ducks under form the gun. The thug fanatically fires and misses her head by an inch. Yume grabs the gun and rips it out of the thug's hand and bashes it against the thug's head. The thug drops like a sack of potatoes)

thug3: Boss!?

Yume: Put the money back or I'll shoot you!

Thug3: I'm getting out of here! (he runs, dropping the money)

Yume: (she goes to the man and places her hand on his hand)...(her hand glowed again and the man wakes up)...?

Man: Ohhh...what happened?

Yume: They're gone. It's okay

man: You...you saved me?

Yume: Yep! (She smiled)

man: Your like one of those girls my daughter likes!

Yume: Sailor Moon?

Man: No...Wedding Peach, I think it was.

Yume: Oh...right!

Man: What's your name?

Yume: It's Yume

man: Thanks, Yume... I'll never forget you...

Yume: (she smiled as the thug3 gets hurled against the wall)...?! Excuse me..(she rushed ahead to see a large demon with a huge club. The demon looked like an samurai caveman with a hairy body in samurai armor)..What the!?

Demon: ...(looks at Yume) DREAM GIRL! YASHI OG CRUSH DREAM GIRL! (he lifted his club and tried to crush Yume with it. Yume jumps back and stared up the at the demon)

Yume: *How am I going to beat this?...Wait...this is just a dream...so maybe I should punch him...* (she rushed up to Og and punched him in the armor)

Og: FOOLISH LITTLE GIRL OF DREAMS! (he grabs her and slams her into the groun)

Yume: OWWW...*..That...hurt as well...*

Og: OG CRUSH LIKE SAMURAI! (he brings down his club on Yume. Yume rolls away from it just in time)

Yume: (she got up and jumped back)

Og: CRUSH DREAM GIRL! (he picks up a car and hurls it at Yume. Yume sees it coming and jumps it)

Yume: *How am I going to beat him!?*

Voice: Baka! Tap your star!

Yume: ...Who's there!? (Og lifts up a minivan)

voice: DO IT!

Yume: okay...(she does so and she is now holding a silver bow)...What's this?

Voice: (sighs)...just use it (Og hurls the van at Yume. Yume doesn't see it and a figure leaps out of the wall and tackles her. The figure then gets hit by the van and falls under it)

Yume: AH! (she falls to the ground and rushed to the van) Are you okay!? (no answer as Og steps up behind Yume)


Yume: (she looked at her bow and then at Og. Insert catchy theme as Yume twirls around and pulls out a silver arrow from behind her and aims it at Og) STAR ARROW! (the arrow's point shines as she fires it. It turns into a mini beam as it pierces Og's armor)

Og:...? (he looks at it)...(he then crumbles into dust and a spell tag was left. The tag dispersed into a white smoke)

Yume: I did it...(she let out a sigh and looked under the car. There was no one there)...This is a weird dream...(she checked her bruises which were healing slowly. She looked around at the damage and saw the that morning was near. She smiled and climbs up a fire escape to the top of a building and waited for the sun to rise) *I wish this dream would last forever...this was fun* (she sat down as the sun rose. She then gasped as a great pain hit her. She felt like she was on fire as the sunlight got to bright to her. That's when her alarm went off and Hana woke up)

Hana: Unhhhh...(she got up and yawned)...What a nice dream...

Mom: Hana! Get ready for school, dear!

Hana: Mhmm...(she went into the bathroom and began to take a bath. After her bath, she put on her fuku and walked downstairs. She had forgotten about the star pendant in her room)

mom: Good morning, dear! Sleep well?

Hana: Yeah...I did

mom: I think you might like today's story (she hands Hana the paper)

Hana:...(she looks at it groggily)...'Mysterious Girl stops demon'? (she began to read it)

paper: 'Late last night, a wealthy business man was nearly mugged by the infamous triad until a mysterious girl wearing odd clothes appeared and stopped them by herself with no weapons. The man said that the girl called herself 'Yume'. Near that scene, the ancient demon, Yasha Og, went loose in the town. It's rumored that the same girl who saved the business man destroyed this ancient demon as well. Who is this girl? Where did she come from? Only time will tell (The picture showed Yume doing her Star Arrow to Yasha Og)

Hana: (stares)...

Kuma: Ooooo! I think Hana's trying to burn the paper again!

Hana: But...but...but...

Mom: But what honey?

Hana:...nevermind...(she puts it down and thinks) *Was it just a dream?*

To be continued...

Thanks to Bekuki for helping me with the character names and Yume's outfit.