Have you heard of the greatest man I know? You'll never meet a better guy than the one that I love most. He's taught me so many things, so many many times. I know I will never forget all the wisdom he has brought me through our tears, our laughs, our sorrows, our joys. Most importantly he's taught me life, he's taught me love, he's taught me all that I know.
Now you may say you live life, not teach it, yet he has found a way for both. Ok maybe he didn't exactly sit me down and chat with me about these things, but I learn from observing things about him. Perhaps things like the way he acts, walks, talks, and how he interacts with the people around him. He has shown me multiple ways to live life and make it worth- while. He's also created lessons about how life treats you, how you should treat life, and the promises that come with it. He says you should love life, not take advantage of it. Also that life treats you good and bad, depending on how you judge its actions. You can learn so many things by studying how doing simple things, like saying 'hi' to all you recognize makes a difference in your life and the lives of those around you, which is how I learned about life from him.
Throughout life you fall in love, you fall out of love, but have you ever paused to actually think about love? I mean besides thinking 'I am in love'? He has explained to me about how love is showing you care. It's lending a helping hand even if you're short on time. To him it's the only emotion that should be used in the world today. He has shown me how everyone deserves to be loved, how everyone should be heart-warmed by loves gentle touch. To love someone just means to show them you care by going the extra mile to help them and teach them about helping others. When he taught me this, I was inspired to start showing my love for others.
Now I'll admit it, I haven't learned everything I know from him, just through him. That says that he pays for my education. Not only does he teach me life-long lessons in the afternoon, but he also pays for my common- knowledge schooling during the day. I mean how could you think of a greater man? He can only teach a certain amount, yet I learn so much more from him. No words can explain what a joy it is to know that someone loves me enough to educate me so well. Wouldn't you feel that way as well if someone went that far for you?
He is by far the greatest guy you'll ever meet. So much help he has given me and will continue to give. Who is he, you ask? He is Robert Norman Webb. Yes, he is my father. ~*~ This is dedicated to my father ~*~ We had to write that for school and my dad means a lot to me so just wanted to share with you all the great things he has done! Lates, Life, Love, & Sanity