Angels burn and demons sing,
God is dead and the world is free.
Sleeping crawling burning ash
Dreaming screaming death presides
Night unfurls its bloodshot eyes
Stars hide behind darkening skies
Sleeping crawling burning ash
Love that doesn't last
Crying dying angels burn
Reverberating sound shakes the dead
Silence haunts the live
Reflecting writing screaming dead
Sculpted flaming silvering head
Angels burn and demons fly
Burning, burning, burning
All our hopes descend to ash
As the demons write a new history
Our world
Our life
Our loss
Burning dying dead
And the ashes scour the Earth,
The moon is more to us now,
The sun is dead.
How we live now
Our life hangs in balance
Walk the blade of the knife,
Cut open our feet
Slip and never have children,
Never pass on what you hold dearest,
Never live again.
Demons preside
Death is no longer a fantasy,
But a grim bloody reality.
Shining dilated eyes
No light to free us
No life to live.
Dark as Hell's acre,
Our world shalt shadow,
Our dreams shalt descend into assshhh.
Flying, flying flying..
Flying into the night's open eyes
Darkness enfolds
Darkness brings us
The Darkness shall free us.
Bring us back to the Hell.
Back to the Hell where we were wrought,
Home to the dark
Home to the flame.
Night unfurls its bloodshot eyes..
Sleeping crawling burning ash.
Dreaming screaming.
Dreaming crawling burning screaming
Dreams and nightmares, all alike
Home to the darkness
Home to the flame
Freed into the dark,
Chained to the shadows,
Slipping with an everlasting hold
Back into the hell from which we came.
Angels scream
Angels burn
Angels. ash.