"Storms" By: Angel of Times Past

The rain is falling as it has been for days now. The storm has ceased but is due to come again. A storm of emotions is whirling around inside me. Love; anger; rejection. You see my friend is in love with me; could I feel he same for him?

My heart wishes to see him but my mind dreads tomorrow when I will. Every time I leave my house, I hope, I pray, that I won't see him because of the emotion that comes with him. My heart pounds, my hands sweat, I loose my voice or maybe just the words to say. He is constantly on my mind. I wonder if he ever thinks of me often? Could he be thinking of me now? He has claimed me as his own but does my heart approve?

I have gone off into my world, my world of writing, because I know that this is the only place that he cannot, will not, find me. Even though I am writing about him, I am writing, therefore my mind is at ease.

A cool wind begins to blow and it sends a chill down my spine. It is a sign that the storms are returning.

Is this love? If so, then why do I feel the way I do? If this is the feeling that comes with love, I'd rather be here, in my world, where I have the only key. Writing is a love of its own, yet it never breaks your heart. I can write of what I wish, leaving all other memories to be just that: a memory.

I turn my eyes to the Lord, whom I thank for my world of writing. I also thank him for that special person who loves me dearly.

There is a storm brewing tonight, in the sky and in my heart.