Bonds with death

By Kelly Barina

Author's Note: I usually don't write this kind of stuff too much (my thing is comedy), but one day, I was in a weird mood and well, this is what came out. ( Well, I hope you enjoy it! Please r & r! I need comments on this one!

Childish nonsense. All of it. Utter nonsense.

They are all lying to me. There is nothing to be afraid of. Die? Me? I am far too young to even be thinking about that. I have years to wait before I worry. I'm a teenager, so why should I fear death? It'll go after the old bags before it gets to me, so why do I have to worry now?

They're only legends anyway. None of them are really true. Thousands of years ago, some people joined together and made up some far-fetched stories to scare kids. Well, I'm not a kid, so I won't fall for it.

Besides, there is nothing strange about my new friend, Mitsurugi. My classmates think he's a bit odd. From what I've seen, he looks pretty normal to me. Doesn't dress in black shrouds or anything like that. He's nice too; doesn't talk much, but otherwise he's a good guy. The only thing that worries me is that Chinese character he had on his arm. It's not your average tattoo; the character glows red sometimes. It's from the legend . I hear it means 'Dragon' . Seeing it is a sign of death . Now I am going completely insane. This is what watching horror movies does to a person. How can I even think about believing this garbage?

It is ridiculous. And I will prove it to everyone. I am not going to die. The myth says that after the person has been with the creature for three days, it devours the human. Nonsense! I have known that boy for three days, but really, how can they believe something like that? They'll all feel like idiots when I come waltzing back into school tomorrow.

They'll see. All of them.

"Mom! I'm home!" I called as I burst through the door. Hmm . Nobody's home. She must be still at work. I dashed into the kitchen. On the spotless glass table lay a neatly folded envelope with the name 'Lisa' on it. A letter for me. I carefully opened it and skimmed through it.

I picked out 'not home til' eight' and, resolving it was the most important phrase out of the entire letter, tossed it aside.

I have time before I do my homework. Let me go take a quick nap. I flung myself onto the couch. I stared up at the ceiling, as my eyelids grew heavy. Stupid gon-fa-who . or whatever those demons are called. He won't be able to take me in my sleep. I'll fight him. There's no way he can beat me. My will is . too strong.

My eyes shut and I was immediately engulfed by sleep.

So dark.

Where am I? Is this a dream? .Why can't I wake up?

What's going on? Am I . trapped?

Somebody there? I can't see where I'm going! It's too dark!

"I am here to help you."

Who's there? Who are you? What are you doing here?

"I am here to help you," The same voice repeated. "Follow me. I will not harm you."

A hand comes toward me, glowing red in the darkness. I shiver and move away. How can I trust you? You're reaching out for me, but I'm still scared. How do I know you're not lying to me?

"You must trust in me, lest you be ensnared forever in the bleakness of this world. Have faith in me and no harm shall ever befall you. Take my hand and never let go." Mysterious eyes peer at me, prodding me to do as I was asked. They are intense, but seem as though there was no soul behind them; just an endless void. I know that gaze.

I don't understand everything that you are telling me, but I'll listen. I reluctantly grasp his hand, but rear back in surprise at the coldness of his grip. His fingers are like tiny icicles pricking my skin. I can feel warm blood trickling along the curves of my palm.

I'm scared. I want to wake up. I want to go home.

"I will bring you to your home. Believe in me; I shall be true to my word." He peers at me again and this time I recognize him. It is the boy Mitsurugi! Now I know I can trust him; he won't let me down.

Despite my reluctance, I give my hand to him once again. He clutches it tighter this time and leads me further into the abyss. I cringe at the clawing darkness, but never let go of the young boy leading me.

Abruptly, he stops. I freeze in my place as well, too fearful to say anything. I don't need to. He speaks instead.

"This will be your home. Forever."

I scream and struggle against him, but his grip never loosens. Suddenly, a reddish mark appears on his arm. As I look closer, I realize in horror that it was the Chinese character of the dragon. It burns a deep crimson and the dragon roars at me. Tears of acid stream down my cheeks.

Please, let me go home, Mitsurugi.

"You are home."

The kanji symbol glows brighter and blinds me.

Within seconds, my vision clears and I realize that I have been separated from my body! I gasped and tried to break away, but the boy's icy fingers still have a hold on me. I fearfully watch as my body heaves one long breath, then grows still and quiet.

I wearily shut my eyes.

I guess everyone at school will have the last laugh after all.

* * * * * * * * * * * *
A scream.

A cry.

Last breath.

The young boy twitched in his bed. A soft cough escaped his lips and a wisp of toxic smoke floated out. I beckoned for the dark spirit to come to its new master. It immediately obeyed and a chill crawled through my body. A morbid smile flickered on my pale face. I will soon be whole once again.

Following the cloud of smoke was a tiny glowing light. As it exited the body, the form became lifeless and the vitality was sucked out of the small vessel. The body became dim and dull. The light, however, burned bright with childish ambitions, goals, and dreams.

Foolish mortals. Always dreaming, never thinking.

So naïve.

I raised my right arm slowly. My fingers were poised to strike, their claws pointing toward the brilliantly colored ceiling. With a cry, I plunged them straight into my heart. My nails dug deeper into the body I had claimed. No blood poured from my wounds and no pain plagued me. My fingers finally reached what they searched for. They broke out of the skin with an orb within their grasp. Skin hung open and bones peeked out from the inside. No blood or organs were inside this body. It had been dead for far too long.

"Now come, little spirit. Into this orb. You shall find happiness there. Do not fear for your body; no harm will come to it," I coaxed the hapless soul towards the glowing sphere.

The tiny light hesitated, but then made its way to the orb. Before it could change its mind, the power of the orb drew it in and sealed it along with so many others. My body instantly felt refreshed and renewed. Finally. my hunger has been satisfied. Souls fought against the barrier of the orb, but none could break free from their prison. Male and female, young and old. All trapped forever.

All mine.

I glanced down at the unsightly flaps of skin dangling over the ripped clothing I wore. Seems I shall have to use one of my previously captured souls to heal this wretched body. These cursed vessels become injured too quickly. I must find a way to remedy that.

I released one of the less animated souls. It slowly floated away from the orb, and all of the lively spirits glowed brighter in protest. I absorbed the last strengths of the dying ember. The skin refastened itself to the bone and my tattered clothing instantly mended.

"Keika? Keika? Are you all right?" The thundering of footsteps pounding upstairs caught my attention.

".Keika, was it?" I whispered as I approached the bed of the child. His flawless skin remained unharmed and untouched. Those gentle blue eyes that had held such innocence would never open again. Even with his breath gone, he still appeared to be only in sleep. I placed my hand upon the boy's cheek, feeling the warmth of his skin. This one is so young and vibrant. such a shame for that to be lost. As I removed my hand, the color in his skin was instantly drained. Indifferently, I stepped back from the lifeless boy. Everyone's time must come. His only came earlier than most.


"Keika," I echoed as I stalked toward the window. "Another mortal name that will haunt me. Even in death these miserable wretches torment me," I grumbled. I hid the orb in the folds of my garment and flung myself out the window and onto a nearby tree branch.

"Keika!" The youth's parents burst into the bedroom. The mother dashed to her son's side and lightly patted his cheek. "Keika? Wake up, dear." The boy never stirred. His head merely dropped to one side. There was no heartbeat. His body was growing frigid. The mother cried out, "KEIKA!"

I eyed them dully from my perch. Such anguish over a little child. It is only one more mortal that has been put out of its misery. How can there be anything special about that one? This puny existence, the thing that humans call life, is worthless. A waste of time, all of it. The woman sobbed hysterically over her dead boy's body. I sighed. Just another night for me.


Just another night.

* * * * * * * * * * * *