This is based on real story. Real people, real pain, real loss, real death. Rhyme and Rhythm's a bit screwy, but that's because I don't want to change what really happened for the sake of rhyme, but I just couldn't stay away. I didn't know him, but I'll miss you #77!

- - -


It was just another day for you,
School seemed to last a year
Until the power failed at last,
But still you felt no fear
There's a party at my house
and I'll bring the beer.

It was just another party,
It was just the same old stuff,
But this time you've forgotten
When you had enough
Maybe you weren't thinking straight
When things got kind of rough.

You spoke some words that you regret,
Then he swung at your head
And it's too late when you decide
To take back what you said
Then his fist meets with your face
And you meed death instead.

Your friends, they don't know what to do
And they won't call the cops
Because they all are underage
With beer not soda pop
They pick you up and then you fall
With a sickening 'plop'

It became too late to save him,
So they figured they should run
And so they tried to hide the facts
Thinking they had won,
They could not conceal the truth
Under the new day's sun.

Everyone seemed so depressed,
More than a few shed tears.
We vowed it won't happen again,
Not in a hundred years,
Just a few months later on
We had to face our fears.

Still they had another party,
They had to have their fun.
They didn't think that it could hurt
Or injure anyone
A hand went through a window,
The damage it was done.

You say that you are sorry
And you're not really rotten,
But you're best excuse is this,
"I'm sorry, I've forgotten..."