The car was hot as we drove along the endless pavement. It shimmered like water, and I suddenly vowed never to go to the Saharah desert. Actually, 'hot' would be an understatement. I was baking like roadkill on the sidewalk.

"Cath," I slurred, panting "Can't we just go naked?"

We giggled lazily, amused by the idea of two naked people, a cat, and a flying weasel driving down the streets in a turqoise car. I snorted.

"Miss Chelsea," panted Spork "Why is it so hot in your world?"

"It's from the giant heater men who came from Mars last Tuesday and took over the world." I answered dully.



The car stopped at Seven-Eleven. Catherine threw open the door and stumbled out.

"Where are you going?" I asked her. She fanned herself with a roadmap for a second before answering. "Need to go to the bathroom."

"I'm coming too," I said, scrambling out of the car, eager for any way to leave that oven of a car. Spork disappeared under the seat. "I'll bring you some water," I promised him. He just panted.

I slammed the door shut, feeling guilty. Oreo glared at me through the window, then slunk under the seat with Spork. I felt suddenly quite guilty. I promised him some water too.

I followed Catherine into the store, where a sleazy, greasy haired guy grinned at us with yellowed teeth.

"What can I do for you?" he asked greasily. I sneered at him.

"I need the key for the bathroom." said Catherine. He grinned and held them above her head. My eyes narrowed, and my mouth became a hard line.

"You really need it?" he asked, jingling them. It was too much. Before I knew it, I had reached across the counter and he was holding his cheek where I had slapped him. He gave the key over without saying anything more.

Catherine pressed some bills into my hand and squeezed it in thanks. I looked up and she smiled at me.

"Buy yourself something, and some water for Oreo and-." she broke off.

"Thanks." I answered. We both smiled.

I bought myself an orange pop slushie, and a pepsi one for Catherine. Then I bought two things of bottled water and a dog dish. (For Oreo and Spork.)

When Catherine came out, I grabbed the keys from her and threw them at mr- greasy-hairs head. It hit him between the eyes. I snickered.

We left and went back into the car. I sighed, silently swearing in my head. I glared at the sun, hoping that my flushed face and sweaty head would frighten it into leaving the car. No chance. Heurgh.

That was when I had an idea.

"Wait a minute, Cath." I said. "Open the trunk." She poked the yellow button and the trunk creaked open in the back. I got out and fumbled in the bags till I found what I was looking for.

I opened the windows up. They were the kind that only popped open about two inches. I shoved some of the towel in, then slammed the window shut. The towel was caught in it, acting like a curtain. I did it to the rest of the windows except the very front one, so that Catherine could see.

But I was worried. We couldn't lose the towels, right? I shrugged and grabbed some duct tape from under a seat. I began to duct tape the towels securely to the windows.

"Chelsea!" shrieked Catherine. "You'll peel off the paint!"

I couldn't help it. "What paint?" I sneered. Rust ringed the car and patched it like a cow. Catherine scowled, but sighed. Then she smiled.

"Good idea," she said "Plus it'll hide Spork from view."

I shrugged. "Uncle John talked about it last month when he visited. I just remembered it."

I got in and happily sat on the now-cool seat. Well cool-er seat. Spork lept up and stretched out beside me. Without thinking, I reached out and scratched him behind the ear. He beamed, and stretched his head back contentedly. Catherine was happy too, even though it was still slightly hotter up front.

"Wait," I said again. I duct-taped some towels up front so they acted like visors. The visors that were missing... Too many people hitting them with their heads had caused them to pop off.

We set off. It was pretty much a normal car trip. Spork gave directions. Directions like; " Miss Catherine, that is South. North!" and " east...west...uhhh...east?"

We only stopped to refill on drinks and use the restrooms. And to buy cheese and cat food...and people food, too. Like greasy burgers, and greasy french fries. Yummy.

Anyways, things were going fine, until we reached the Highway.

I froze. "Uh... Catherine? Why don't we just stick to the little roads?" She was a good driver. She could rive along our town normally... but Highways? Yikes!

"Not now!" shrieked Catherine in a high pitched, squeaky voice. She was hunched over the wheel like a racecar driver. Her eyes looked wild. Me and Spork and Oreo all looked at each other, then shrunk down.

"Catherine!" I screeched "Watch out for that truuuaaaaahh!" I went into a scream as she dodged the red Ford. "I saw it!" she squeaked at me, allmost hitting a logging truck. Spork made a funny sound, like a mouse being stepped on. Oreo hissed at nothing in particular, his claws digging into the cowskin seat covers.

Suddenly, horns began to honk, and Catherine stopped, throwing me into the back of the seat. "What did you do?!" I howled. "NOTHING!" she screamed back, but was drowned out by yet another volly of horns.

" . .?." I asked slowly, carefully... insanely.

"I went on the wrong side of the stupid lane, okay?!" she screeched at me.

"Let me out." I said. "Please."

"It's fine Chelsea, really..." protested Catherine loudly. She almost hit a stop sign.

"TURN!" I yelled. She turned on to the streets, scraping the pole of the sign, but making it onto Paradise Avenue. I collapsed. It sure did feel like paradise.

Oreo began to lick up the spilled pepsi slush. I suddenly did what I always do when I've been scared. I bubbled up with hysterical laughter.

Catherine stared at me. "Uh, Chelsea?" but she began to join me in laughing, until tears were rolling down our faces. People we passed were staring at us. One old guy stood there staring, until he almost ran his cat over with the lawnmower.

"It's okay, Muffins!" he yelled, as the white persian cat began to tear around his yard, almost tripping him. We dissolved into a fresh round of giggles.

When we finally calmed down, Catherine turned to Spork. "Where is he now?"

"My master, Miss Catherine?" asked Spork. "Yes," said Catherine, "Where do we go?"

"Ummm..." said Spork. He seemed to be confused. "I can't tell, Miss Catherine. It's really weird."

I patted him. "Maybe we should stop. I'm sure you'll be able to figure it out once we've rested and eaten."

Catherine nodded in agreement and stopped at Paradise Park. I snorted at the name, but welcomed the green grass, shady trees, and people playing frisbee.

"What about Spork?" I asked "We can't exactly put him on our shoulders and lead him around like a parrot, now, can we?"

"Yeah. Right." said Catherine dejectedly. We sighed at the same time.

"We're going to have to figure something out, right?" I said, "He can't stay in the car forever, can he?" Catherine nodded. We thought for a few seconds. Then I had it.

"I have it!" I blurted out. They stared at me. "Well?" said Catherine.

"He looks just like a weasel, or a ferret except for his wings, right?" I said. She nodded, and I continued. "Well, what if we wen't and bought a leash, and then a doggie coat meant for those little dogs or something, and covered his wings up?"

Catherine grinned. "Great idea! As long as he didn't talk, no one would be the wiser, right?"

That's how, ten minutes later, we were parading around the park, Spork in a blue doggie jacket, smiling innocently at people. A girl came over. She was pretty round, with chocolate all over her shirt and face, and black hair in pigtails.

"Hey," she said "That's a cool pet you have. What is he?"

"A ferret," I said.

She frowned. "My cousin has a ferret though, and it doesn't look like that." she said.

"He's a... rare Albanian ferret from...Albania." I improvised.

"Oh." she said "Can I pat him?"

"Umm, no..." said Catherine, staring at her sticky hands. "He frightens easily and doesn't like strangers."

"Oh," said the girl again, then frolicked off. We sighed in relief, then sat down under a tree to eat. I looked around, but no one was in hearing distance. Spork leaned over, eyes wide. "I figured it out, Miss Chelsea and Miss Catherine," he said "My master..."

"Yesss...?" said Catherine and me.

"He's flying." said Spork.