Mara, Mara.
That's the name for me.
Bitter, Bitter.
So bitter, angry, resentful.
Wish you would all
just go away.
You throw my glass heart
to the floor,
decimate my soul,
shatter my self-confidence.

It's happened before.
And here I am,
so you know I can take it.
Where did I get this
indomitable spirit?
I don't know,
neither do you.
We just feel
the pain, sorrow, suffering,
the hate, malice, rage,
that characterizes such
a vast majority of
our hapless little lives.

So rip, tear, rend
my tender little heart
to tiny little pieces,
scorch my crumbling little life
with the hate of all your being.

It's okay.
We all know that
I'm just here for you.


Saa. I'm so moody. If I didn't have beautiful people,
comme Kelly, to talk to, I would go even more nutters
than I already am. Kelly, merci beaucoup. Je t'aime.