This time the content is obviously religious, it's the confession of my belief... And before you ask *again blinks to a certain person* yes, it was written in school *sweatdrop*

And for background information: the said wind in the last stanza is the Japanese "Kamikaze" according to the legend, that wind is the breathe of god… I like this!

Hoping for Dawn

© Lexa 04/03

Sun had died, dusk has come

Night's creatures rising from sleep

Not moon nor stars illuminating me

Only shadows, haunting and deep

I'm frightened, scared, even horrified

Of the dark suffocating and cold

It's hunting, intending to bring me down

I'm feeling I won't grow old

Where shall I run to hide myself

I sense they are on my heels

Chasing me deeper into the night

Where there's no salvation, it feels

Oh Lord, where are You in my despair?

Why aren't You leading me out?

Oh please deliver me from the gloom

From the voices, so terribly loud

I simply can't take it anymore

These horrors are too much to bear

So torturing, cruel and without hope

Take off sinner's clothing I wear

And yet I can't stop hoping now

For I feel ev'rything is not lost

I feel Your arrival is drawing near

So I'll wait, no matter the cost

And then, Lord, I feel You beside me

I know that You won't let me down

In the far I can see Your bright beauty

The shining face, Your golden crown

The dawn I desired, it's finally here

Your winds are caressing my face

And toward my father, my salvation, me glee

I am directing my gaze

The old song, please tell me what's wrong… hey, that was a rhyme! ^.~