Took me three lessons to write this... hey, don't look at me like that, I'm taking school seriously, I'm always listening while writing, I just need something to occupy my hands/ my mind. Women are capable of multi-tasking, so shut up ^.~ (*blinks at a certain person*)

I wanted to write a poem of this kind for a while, something religious… Dunno if it's good… *sighs*

~Waiting for Salvation~

© Lexa 04/03

I walked in the darkness

Where I was born

Walking through hatred

And my soul was torn

Wanted to run

Wanted to stay

Wanted the night

But also the day

Insecure of what I am

Confusing what is real

Hurting time and time again

My wounds they wouldn't heal

Helplessly struggling

Just to break free

When suddenly feeling

A yet unknown glee

I felt a warm hand

Guiding me through

Out of the darkness

This hand- it was You