I remain here, floating, in this desolate box once christened as a space vessel by

the shatter of a champagne bottle against its hull. However, no longer was this

abomination of steel used for the exploration of man, instead, it has become my prison.

My body has been rid of the confines of gravity that once pushed me down toward

solid land. That solid land where the jury of humankind sentenced me to float in this

hunk of metal as it was sent out in the infinite expanse known as outer space. I did no

wrong, I hold no guilt in any crime of which I was accused. However, my human peers

burst with judgment, and now this has become my "home".

The air is as stale as a week-old loaf of bread, and my surroundings are a

graveyard of reminders to where I am. They provided no windows, no view of the

vacuous space in which this vessel travels. Those who sentenced me chose not to benefit

me with the knowledge of where I would be, yet, they decided to give food and drink so I

would not starve in this prison.

How tempting it is to let the food sit and end my misery of this life I have been

given. Perhaps I could break a hole in the hull and allow myself to be sucked into the

airless hell to die. Yet, once again, these thoughts of mine pass. I find myself eating

these insipid packets of rations as I float around. This food, the humans' so-called

kindness they have given me. I spite humankind.

A bang. A sound that has become foreign to me, yet once again fills my ears. The

first new sound to fill my ears in the countless time I have spent in this barge. This sound

is music to my ears.

The bang comes again, louder. I have no clue of its source, but I do not care.

The sound comes a third time. It is like a bell, echoing throughout this cabin.

After a short pause, the sound repeats, again and again, louder and harder. My heart races

in sequence with the noises, until it climaxes in a crash. I hold my breath, in silence, to

listen. Yet, there is still breathing. Breathing coming from another.

I skulk behind a pile of my rations, hiding behind the many crates of rations.

What is in this ship that would hold interest to this intruder? Was this a gift, someone to

set me free? Was this my punishment of my sentence? I am innocent!

Footsteps echo across the walls. My hear continues to race and my breath

quickens as fast as a fire ignites. I am innocent…I am innocent…I am innocent.

The footsteps get louder, and it smacks the ground with a deafening noise. It

draws closer to me. Its shadow on the wall is clearly visible to me. It is not human! It

takes another step. I am innocent…I am innocent…

I am guilty! I admit it! I committed the crimes, I do not wish to lie any longer!

The sounds continue, almost on a beat, and a hand reaches past my crates, feeling around.

The garish skin of this creature disgusts me, yet I can't help but stare.

I am sane! I am right! Please, oh my sentencers, save me! I am sorry! I am

amenable! Just rid me of this horror!

As I see the being step forward, a drop of water, my own tear, floats through the

stale air. I fear the being has found me, but in horror, I realize that as my tear hits its skin,

only then did it discover my presence.