voodoo love

the moon, the stars,
the love of you,
i would gladly take the scars,
just to belong to you.
i want to be,
just you and me,
forever more,
let's explore.
love within the deepest core,
forever, evermore,
voodoo love, voodoo love,
always listening from above,
incense smoke eases my pain,
the poison seeps into my veins,
once here,
forever mine,
twice there,
for all time.
please say yes or please say no,
let only your true feelings show,
my love for you runs so very deep,
will it be next to me you sleep?
is it such a sin,
to love me now and then?
to be loved by you,
forever, how true.
voodoo love, voodoo sorrows,
please just say you'll love me till tomorrow.
and so upon this shadowed plane,
astral projection will i gain,
i seep and sulk upon the ground,
to this earth i am forever bound.
my sisters, i long for you,
but for now i must find a love so true.
once again, i call to thee,
won't you just accept the fact that you love me?
voodoo love, voodoo sorrow,
take a path to my tomorrow,
from these tears, my cheeks are wet,
such an unknown, growing debt,
must you pay with your life?
happy i am with the knife.
i remember, yes i do,
i do belong to you,
could you be mine,
for all time?
the color of the darkest blood,
opening like a flower bud,
killing is my pleasure, you are my pain,
as long as this poison pumps in my veins,
demons, they haunt me,
because it's yours i wish to be,
into the darkness, into the night,
we will learn to avoid the light.