in the firelight, you danced so free,
you made me wish that you were me,
i love you, yet you don't see,
how bad for you i could really be,
so deeply admired from far away,
known only so many days,
if only to you i could say,
all the words i dare not say.
you see, my gentle, loving one,
i don't want to come undone,
let's have a little fun,
before the time is come,
do you dream?
you're not what you seem,
i'm not as worthy as you deem,
because, you see, i have no dreams.
am i so horribly guilty? how can this ever pass?
don't you worry, this heartache won't last,
how i wish a spell to cast,
but not so fast.
the love i would receive from you,
i'd know in my heart it wasn't true,
so what am i to do?
i guess i'll have to wait to be in love with you.