Busy Signal

Lack of communication
Whereabouts unknown
Not being able to contact
The one person you seek

They sit behind the wall
Crouched to remain hidden
Hidden from your eyes
Evading the confrontation

Too cowardly to stand
Afraid to speak the truth
Not wanting to hurt feelings
Only prolonging the pain

Longing for a message
A small hello or less
But receiving silence
So vast it screams

One may have abandoned you
But with it went the world
It took your trust for a ride
And drove it over the edge

A flat Earth to hide on
There will be limits
How far they can run
When eventually they will tire

So be wary of those
That will sneak into you
And plant such emotion
No pesticide will be rid of it

Do not lie down to their tricks
Stand and revolt against their siege
Seek them out and make demands
You are not a territory for conquering

You are one person
Seeking companionship
Wanting a connection
And only hearing
The busy signal