held onto

how the rain falls, so quietly, so pleasantly,
draining away this tension, so easily,
i tried once to understand my attraction to you,
but i couldn't,
even if i wanted to.
your gentle stance, so graceful, so calming,
never have i been so alarming,
and yet you comfort me as if i were a child,
with your words, you calm me, so mild.
tell me this, and tell me true,
what links me to you?
you appeal to me, so imperfect from scars,
it must be fate, or written in the stars.
i love you, my lonely one,
i love you, i do,
and my feelings aren't done.
i am so lost, yet i am so free,
tell me, love, how can this be?
i probably will never understand,
but that's alright as long as you stay here, holding my hand.