I can say it over and over again,

But will anyone listen?

I can talk until my mouth runs dry,

Only to be ignored.

You can ask me what I think

As many times as you see fit,

Then roll your eyes when I tell you my opinion.

And it's okay that you do that,

Because you're you.

And because my opinion means nothing.

Do I have to take up all the space in the foreground,

Just to be recognized?

Or is that something that should come naturally?

Am I destined to sit in the background,

Always watching?

Or can I step forward once and a while,

And feel like what I'm saying has a meaning,

A point,

A purpose?

It's not that you ignore me,

Or even that I feel isolated.

It's not that the center of attention

Belongs to everyone but me.

It's that I'm unappreciated,

For the things I believe in most.

So perhaps that's why I opt to close my mouth,

And merely blend in with the scenery.

Because maybe if I don't say a thing at all,

I won't feel so invisible.