Spike (3rd of the 6th)

So how've you been?

Can I say I missed you?

And I'm glad that you could find the time to see me

On my birthday

Well I'm sure that I've been blinded

But I am not so sure of where we've been

And you don't know where we're going

At least not today

Started out, a stranger, half a child

Yeah I know you were frightened

I guess I was wild

But it's been so long

Since I've been there

I've lifted rooms, and walked straight through

Been through too many friends, who in their cups

Just told me you'd be alright

And me, I'd live

But then I saw you on that paper

And I know I caused that look

I could lay these spikes down at your feet

And lay myself upon them


Now I could say that I was sorry

But I really don't think it'll work this time

I've come way too far

And you're sure that I've left you behind

But don't leave yet now

Babe don't go

If it's pride or youth or distance

We need to know

Still there was a time

Before I grew by half

When I was jumping trains and catching sparks

That would rain down

Over your place

Or any room you walked into

And if we didn't know why

Did you really care?

'Cause that smile could make it worthwhile

This being so bare

So after all my stunts and doubletalk

We can pretend I'm who I'm not

Still I know who I am

I know what I've done

But the knowing don't change a lot.


And I recall trying to prove a point

Trying to say this life was mine

Well did I fool you?

Because it's less that now

Then it was when I still had the time to say so

Yeah I hear you saying the night won't drown me

As I stare down at my plate

And if this hurts much worse than anything ever has

Well it's no more than I should take

So I could say that I was sorry

Knowing it won't work, even though it's true

I always go just a little too far

But the last thing I've left behind is you

C'mon I love you still, you know I do

Yeah it was pride and youth and distance

But I can't break through…