The boy let out a sigh as his mother's car pulled to a stop in front of the high school.

"Have fun, luv." She kissed his forehead. Rolling his eyes and returning the kiss, he nodded, pulling his violin case and his book bag from the side of the seat beside him. "And don't cause trouble."

"Mum, 'ave I ever?" He grinned. She gave him a look, and he relented. "I won't, I won't. Promise."

"See you after school, dear."

He nodded and walked out, immediately noticing the contrast between what he looked like and what every other guy looked like. The other guys were all dressed in khakis, jeans, t-shirts, and looked fairly clean-cut. The boy you would bring home to mommy.

...He was just a tad different. He had three tattoos so far. One was a Chinese character on his left shoulder, one was a rose vine curling around his upper arm, and on the other arm was a curling vine of barbed wire. His left eyebrow was pierced twice; he had a tongue stud, and a labret as well as a piercing on his right nipple. Instead of jeans, he wore black leather pants that were practically melded with his skin, and instead of the normal sneakers were black boots laced up the sides. His hair was spiked black, and he wore faint eyeliner around his blue-gray eyes. As with most Goth-types, he wore a long black trench coat, which was one of his most treasured possessions. He'd bought it in a shop in London years ago, and would never part with it. He wasn't like the other boys.

He was British.

Sean Crawford headed through the school courtyard, heading to the music room. He, too, was a little different. He was more... noticeable.

He wore faded hip-hugger jeans and a pale green t-shirt that was tight enough to show muscle movement beneath. Not that he was very muscular... he was more lithe and slender than he was built. But he had a perfect ass. The green shirt brought out the bright emerald of his eyes. His hair was red and straight, and hung to just past his shoulders. He had both ears pierced, one twice, one three times. And both nipples were pierced, as well as his navel. But his clothes, of course, covered those. He laid his head on another boy's shoulder, holding his hand as they walked into the building.

There was a soft murmur from the students as the new boy walked around, and he became painfully aware that he was the only one of his species. Shaking his head, he walked into the building and past Sean and his boyfriend, casting his glance to them for only a moment.

"...sweet shit, look at that." Rich, Sean's psuedo-boyfriend, muttered softly under his breath. "It's Columbine all over again. He's gonna fucking kill us all. " Grinning, he pulled Sean to him. The boy looked back at them balefully and muttered 'wankers' under his breath. "I bet you there's a gun in that violin case."

Sean's eyes widened upon sight of the newcomer, and he shivered. The shiver was caused by a mixture of quasi-fear-after all, the guy DID look... violent- and lust- despite Sean's slight discomfort around someone who looked so different, there was also an air of mystery and intrigue. Plus, the guy was fucking gorgeous.

"Don't worry, baby." Rich drawled, nipping at Sean's neck. "I won't let the evil goth hurt you. Now come on. We'll be late for English." He let go and walked into class, blinking. "...fucking Columbine's in my seat." He stomped over and looked at the newcomer, glaring. "You're in my seat."

"Am I?" He murmured softly, not looking up from his book. "Hadn't noticed."

"...So get out of it."

"I'm rather comfortable. Sod off."

"... look, you fucking limey, I'll kick your fucking ass, whether you have a gun or not."

The boy raised an eyebrow and tried not to start laughing, although the amusement was evident on his features. Shaking his head, he went back to his book.

Sean frowned. Rich had been less than nice lately. And scary evil sexy Goth man or not, he didn't have a right to talk to the new guy that way. "Rich..." Sean's voice was soft and a little scratchy; and all sexy. He walked over in front of the new guy and smiled at him, speaking as politely as possible. "Excuse me... would you mind horribly changing seats? We always sit together..."

This time, he looked up and into Sean's eyes, stormy seas clashing against emerald skies. A smirk played upon his pale lips, and he stood. "Hate to break it to you, luv, but your boyfriend's a bloody ponce." Picking up his violin case, he moved to the seat behind where he was originally sitting, and pulled his book out again. He was in the middle of "The Vampire Lestat". Mostly because he thought Tom Cruise was bloody gorgeous as a blonde... Even if he was a bit loony.

Sean blinked, and couldn't help but blush the tiniest bit at their prolonged eye contact. "Um.. thanks." He sat in his normal seat next to the now-empty one in front of Matt, and smiled at Rich. "See? You just have to be polite."

"Polite? He's a fucking psycho!" Rich glared at him. "Jesus Christ, Sean. He's probably going to kill everyone after school."

"Yet we psychos have remarkable hearing."

Sean sighed and opened his English book. "Whatever, Rich."

"I don't know why I bother going out with you. Making friends with psychos.. I was better off dating the cheerleading squad. At least -they- put out."

The teacher walked into the room and set his books down, and Rich pulled out his binder.

The redhead winced and lowered his eyes. "...I told you I wasn't ready yet..."

"We've been going out for two months. You're more frigid than any girl in this school." He muttered as the teacher cleared his throat.

"Okay, let's get started.. Oh! I almost forgot. We have a new student.. You wanna stand up?" He didn't get an answer from the quiet newcomer and blinked. "..okay, maybe not. Well, he just transferred here from London, England.. everyone say hello to Matthew Grey."

There were a few scattered 'hi's, and Matt chuckled softly to himself, shaking his head. Five minutes, and the student body were already afraid of him. Was he good, or was he good?

After a soft 'hello' directed at the new student-at least he had a name now... rather than 'scary evil sexy goth man,' he was Matt- Sean clenched his jaw, resolving not to speak to Rich for the remainder of the day. The teacher proceeded to tell the class about a new project that they'd be doing. "Now, I'll be choosing your groups.. So come up when your name is called. " He called two names at a time. Rich smirked as he was paired with the head cheerleader, a busty blonde.

Sean sighed softly. "Figures." he murmured, slumping in his seat.

"And Sean, you can pair up with Matthew. Maybe show him around the school today."

"...yes, Mr. Sanders."

"Now.. since it's such a nice day outside.. I'll let you all work outside. But you have to come back inside before class ends - If anyone leaves, you get an automatic zero." The kids walked outside, and Matt picked up his stuff, silently walking out of the classroom without a word to his new partner. Sean cast a glance toward Rich and Kimmy, the head cheerleader, then followed his partner outside quietly. Matt sat down beneath the shade of a tree and set his violin case beside him, pulling out his binder and leaning back as he read the project over.

Sean sat next to him, leaning against the tree's trunk and quite obviously watching his boyfriend with the school slut. " what's the assignment?"

"It's not sitting and watching the ponce flirt with tits and ass over there." Matt commented dryly.

"Don't remind me..." Sean pulled his knees up to his chest.


"...Bi, actually. But I'm getting closer."

Matt stared at him, raising an eyebrow. After a moment, he laughed softly and pulled out a cigarette. "Thanks for the info. I'll remember that next time I offer you a cigarette."

"Huh? Oh... I don't smoke."

Matt chuckled quietly and lit the cigarette, taking a puff from it. He had a great laugh, and a nice smile, whenever he did smile, which was rare. "Our assignment is to find a book that's been recently made into a movie that we think is loyal to the book. Trainspotting's pretty close."

"That was a book?"

"Mmhm." He took another drag off the cigarette. "Sodding brilliant, it was. 'The Talented Mr. Ripley' was close.. The Green Mile.. 'Harry Potter.."

Sean looked sheepish. "I haven't read any of the books."

"I have a lot of time on my hands. .. There's a play called 'What's Wrong with Angry' that was made into a movie a couple years ago. It's bout this bloke who comes out and falls for this gorgeous jock... and the jock falls back in love with him but won't come out of the closet..and he tells this bloke that if anyone finds out, the whole thing's off. I quite liked it."

Sean frowned. "You liked it? It sounds... annoying... to me. That they had to hide it."

"Life's not perfect. Not everyone gets to live in nice, sheltered suburbia like you." He took another drag off of his cigarette. "The jock was afraid it would ruin his career." With this comment, Matt looked over at Rich, who had his hand on the cheerleader's thigh.

Sean laid his head on his knees. He noticed the location of Rich's hand as well. "Yeah well... call me an idealist, but I like happy endings."

"No such thing, luv. Sorry."

"Stupid of me then."

"There's another movie.. it was on the BBC back home.. It's called 'No Night Is Too Long'... bout this bloke who becomes attracted to his University Professor.. obsessed, even. And when his professor.. um.. Ivo. When Ivo tells.. " Matt paused a moment, trying to remember the character's name. "... Tim.. that he loves him, Tim realizes it was only lust.. and that the mystery's gone. but he stays with Ivo.. and then goes with him on this boat ride.. tour thing in the Yukon. While Ivo's on the boat, Tim meets this girl and falls for her.. and to get on with his life, he realizes he has to kill Ivo."

"...god, you read sad things. My favorite book is Green Eggs and Ham."

Matt laughed again. "I only read the book after I saw the movie. And my life's not a soddin' fairy tale. Not even close." He shrugged. "If you wanted, I have most of those movies. I could lend them to you."

"But I still wouldn't have read the books."

"I have." He shrugged. "We could just be like everyone else and do.. Lord of the Rings, or Harry Potter."

"No, I want to do something different."

"Well.. " He sighed and snuffed out his cigarette, chewing on a piece of gum. "If you wanted, you could swing by and .. I don't know. Watch the movie at my place..and then I could find a copy of the play somewhere."

"Which one?"

"'What's wrong with Angry'. The movie's called 'Get Real'. "

"Sounds good to me. When?"

"Tonight's fine. At.. seven?"

"Alright. Not like I'll be going anywhere with Rich tonight anyway. Where do you live?"

Matt told him an address in the lower-income part of town. "Can you find it okay?"

"Um... yeah." He blinked.

Matt nodded and made random notes on the assignment sheet. "There's no food in the house, or else I'd offer popcorn or what not."

"I can make dinner and bring it over." He grinned. "I love to cook."

"... well, all right."

Sean looked as though he'd just won the lottery. "Really? Rich -never- lets me cook for him!"

"...and why's that?" Matt raised an eyebrow.

"I don't know. Maybe he just has bad taste."

Silently, Matt prayed that was all that was wrong with Sean's cooking. "Well.. we have half an hour before class ends."

"Yeah... so what do we do until then?"

"I could always practice."


He stood and walked to the empty quad, sitting on one of the benches and opening his violin case. Inside was.. well, a violin. He tuned it and began to play. Soft, haunting notes poured from the strings, forming a slow, romantic melody. Sean thought that was a bit rude that he just walked away like that... but damn, could the boy play a violin. A few students looked over at him but soon looked away again. Matt closed his eyes as he continued running his bow across the strings, playing faster now, almost as if he had to finish.

Sean smiled faintly, leaning his head back against the tree and closing his eyes, absorbing the sounds. He'd always been a music lover. After a few more minutes, the song stopped, and Matt let his arms rest. He smiled, slightly proud of himself. Not bad.

"Impressive. Where'd you learn to play?"

He looked up, having almost forgotten Sean was even there. "Oh.. I.. I've been playing since I was a kid."

"You're really good."

"Hm? Thanks."

"You're welcome." Sean stood and dusted the dirt off his jeans. "It's almost time to head back inside."

Matt nodded and put away his violin. "So.. I'll see you around seven?"

"Yeah. I'll bring spaghetti." He grinned. "My specialty."

"Sounds good." He walked into the school. "See you."

"See you." He shoved his hands into his pockets and headed into the building. Screw Rich. He had a date with a goth boy. With an accent.