At 3:57 am while Peter and Claire were snuggled in bed together, Peter's cell phone began to ring incessantly. Peter leaped out of bed to answer the phone. Claire rolled over and turned the lamp beside the bed on. She stretched and got out of bed. She began to get dressed, trembling with fear. It was almost time to face whatever anger she had left in her. Peter got off the phone and jumped into his clothes.

"They think they located it."

"Is he alive?"

"I don't know. They weren't sure if it was the right ship or not. They're kind of waiting on us to get there."

"Isn't that kind of insensitive? I mean, what if he's dead or something on board?"

"Gee, let's not hope for the best."

"I'm simply being realistic."

"If you don't want to go with me, then stay here. I promise I won't be upset. But quit being a bitch, ok. I thought you said that you wanted my dad to be ok."

"Peter, I was simply stating that it's possible your dad is on that boat dead and I don't want you to be the one who finds him like that. I'm just being concerned for your well being. This isn't exactly easy on me, in case you hadn't noticed."

"I know, and I really appreciate you being here, really. But please keep your negative comments to yourself. I'm sorry but I just can't take them. This is very stressful for me."

"I'm sorry, let's go," she said pulling her hair into a loose knot on top of her head and grabbing the car keys from the table near the door. He sighed and followed her out the door, checking to be sure they had there key. He grabbed her hand and pulled her practically running out to the car. If it hadn't been such a terrible circumstance, it would have made Claire feel young and free again. She smiled, wistfully, wishing that nothing had happened to his father.

She drove fast, very fast, to the coast guard station where they boarded a ship and raced to the place where his father's ship had been last seen.

"You nervous?" she asked.

"Don't be silly, Claire, of course I'm nervous. We're going to find out if my father is dead or alive. Are you nervous?"

"Yes, very."

"Of what, exactly?"

She sighed and looked deep into his eyes. "Of seeing him, of saying something I shouldn't. I'm nervous of the emotions that have been locked up deep inside me until now. God, you have no idea. I've been dreading this moment for years."

"Did you really think you'd have to see him again?"

"Honestly, I knew that if I wanted to really move on with my life, I would have to see him and forgive him, eventually."

"You're going to forgive him?"

"I've held this grudge long enough." A few of the coast guard officers approached them and led them to the captain of the ship.

"We're approaching the ship, but we can't enter it unless someone has called for help."

"That makes very little sense," Claire said. "You probably just don't want to go aboard."

"It's true that in a situation such as this, it may make a little more sense for you to go then us." Claire looked at Peter who looked very frightened. She took a deep breath and smiled. She knew that she had to do this.

"Then I'll go."


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