"Oh, well, that's Kimmy for you. She wouldn't admit outright that she was sleeping with my fiance." Peter looked at her with shock.

"Oh Claire, she's not, she wouldn't. Kim loves you, so does Brandon for that matter, they wouldn't do something like that to you."

"Oh Peter, to be that naive again. To trust so openly, I'd give anything. You know nothing about Kimmy. She's a conniving, manipulative bitch. Of course, I should have guessed the first thing she'd do is call you."

"Why?" She looked at him and took a long pull of her drink. She smiled wryly and took a deep breath and sighed.

"She's wanted Brandon since the day she layed eyes on him. Really, I knew it was only a matter of time until they slept together. I just didn't think they'd wait this long. Or make it so obvious. Or have such bad timing. You know, we were supposed to be married in three weeks."

"Why'd she call me, though?"

"Oh, you'd like me to answer that wouldn't you." She said, angrily lighting a cigarette. She blew the smoke into the air above his head.

"Well, I asked."

"We'll get back to that if we have time."

"I don't understand why you are best friends with a girl you obviously don't think very highly of. It makes no sense that you would be friends with 'a conniving manipulative bitch' as you so delicately put it."

"Conniving manipulative bitches are good to have on your side. Now, backstabbing, that's what you have to look out for. And up until now I did a pretty good job of watching myself." She took another large gulp of her drink.

"How do you know they are involved?"

"I walked in on them. Right there, on my kitchen table when I was supposed to be meeting with an important client. That's the kicker Pete. It was MY apartment. Both had keys, neither lived there. And they were SUPRISED to see me." Claire was starting to slur her words.

"I am so sorry."

"What the hell do you care? Huh, Peter, what the hell do you care? You walked away from me six years ago and this is the first time you've looked back. Just leave me alone. I can take care of myself. I don't need you."

"I walked away? I walked away? I never walked away, Claire, and you know it. You ran the other way that day at the funeral home and I just couldn't catch you. I've always cared. You think I don't care? My god Claire. I loved you. I still love you."

"Just leave me alone. I'm a train wreck."

"Are you going to hold the sins of my father against me for the rest of our lives?"

"No, I'm holding my sins against us both. I'm angry at myself. I was mad at my mother that night. She yelled at me that night and told me we were getting too close. That it wasnt' right. She wanted me to think of you like a brother for some reason. I couldn't do that so the last words I ever said to my mother were 'I hate you' I'm mad at you for making me love you so much that I didn't care about anyone else. I had to run away, can't you see. It was like God punishing me for loving you."

"Oh Claire, it wasn't."

"I wasn't meant to be happy Peter. It's best if you just stay away from me."