I was drowning, my lifeboat just a shard of broken dignity.

I tried to reach for you, but you just stared—


And when I'd almost reached the surface,

You pushed me back underwater,

Leaving me to drown.

Somehow I survived, the ragged breath of solitude healing me more than it should have.

I waited for an apology, but there was none,

Only a cold stare of frigid disdain.

Your animosity was like the clouds before a thunderstorm,

Dark and gloomy, threatening to unleash fury at any moment,

But yours was never unchained.

Something I did made you feel remorse,

The way it always happened.

What was it this time? Was it when you saw me crying tears of ice? Or when I decided that I simply didn't care anymore,

Leaving you alone in a crowded room.

But after all that time, all that loathing,

You're the one who's drowning now.

You reach for me, and I see myself mirrored in your eyes, through the hazy distortion of the water.

I think of ignoring you, but where will that get me? Reoccurrences are our fates, so it seems.

And so I extend a hand to you,

Because I don't want to drown anymore.