Thoughts flying about,
Some old, some new.
Happy and sad,
With some dark thrown in, too.

I've been thinking about,
How I wish I would die.
But don't worry don't fret,
I won't even try.

I couldn't handle,
A few slits on the wrist.
Or a stab in the chest,
With one final twist.

I scream as loud as I can,
But no one can hear me.
They never notice,
How I feel, they don't see.

They look down at me,
But not into my eyes.
Well if they did,
They'd see all my lies.

Faking a smile isn't so hard,
Especially with friends like mine.
But I can't seem to stop the thoughts,
That get stronger each time.

I try to push these thoughts away,
But they just won't go.
They shouldn't be thought,
Trust me, I know.