True friendship isn't like a one-sided convo,
Friends are there to comfort you when you're feeling low.
They really, truly care for your well-being.
Their gentle eyes are far seeing.

True friends don't boast about what they know about you.
They don't go spreading the personal things about you.
Friends somehow know things about you-
That you wouldn't have dreamed they knew!

True friends don't rub it in just to be spiteful.
They take your problems seriously and try to cheer you up.
They don't always tell you that they know-
But their helpful actions show that they probably do!

Sometimes it seems like the psychic-
Which they're not.
They seem to know exactly what to say sometimes.
But they're not perfect-and neither are the rest of us!

We've all got our faults.
Had our share of silly squabbles.
Sure misunderstandings are bound to come out of friendships-
That's obvious. It's not like they really, really meant to go "against"

True friends don't take advantage of you.
They don't ditch you.
They're always there for you.
They're always forgiving. (of course they 'slip up' every once in a while)

What would we do without friends?
Sometimes we can't help but forgive them and ourselves.
Don't chase friendships away.
Let true friends in your life stay!

::I sure could learn from my own poems!.My 2nd best friend "Seeress"
(Beau) asked why I haven't been I decided to write a little
something.I too all my best friends' qualities to use as a model for
, Beau, Britt, Jenji, etc.I Luv you guys!::