A barrier restricting all from the real me,
All alone with myself I cannot feel free.
A veil of false happiness cast over my face,
If I simply left would I leave a trace?

In a self-built prison I lay in my cell,
My emotions eat away it stings like hell.
Loneliness taunts me as I try to cry,
Contemplating what it would be like to die.

The bricks of my prison begin to shake and crack,
My chance to escape there is no turning back.
The barrier shatters and I am set free,
No words comprehend what you have done for me.

I let my feelings be know like never before,
I'm forgetting what I had my loneliness for.
The pieces that were missing now finally fit.
My feelings for you I shall never quit.

Never again will I go back to that place,
The place with the veil cast over my face.
I am happier now as the true me,
And I'm glad it was you who set me free.