A reflection in ultramarine,
Standing at the edge.
I drop the anchor,
A roaring splash.

The tether unravels quickly before me,
Staring with no emotions.
I gaze at the haunting water,
A single tear.

Tether becomes taught,
A violent snare.
I do not try to struggle,
I am pulled under.

Refraction of light dance in front of my face,
My chest becomes tight.
Surrounded by cobalt,
The light fades.

My chest exploding,
I try to struggle.
This cannot be the answer,
Too dark to see.

Gasping for air,
Only poisoned by cobalt.
Heart rate increasing,
Mad panic for light.

Light gone completely,
I understand now.
There is no turning back,
I cease to struggle.

My heart has stopped,
My mind is blank,
Poisoned by cobalt.
Forever dark.