"I dream for my children, for my offspring are in untold turmoil.

The sheep have scattered, and the shepherd has lost her staff.

Curse Loki-Nun! May my branches net his plague and so induce my wrath upon him.

Oh my blind children! Woe is I! Open your eyes!

Grant the darkness enshroud, and see the light of my leaves reach out to you.

How wintry your mother has become, her trunk abreast limber.

My leaves are autumn, sorrow and bearing rotten fruits.

Yet my roots are firm and fasten faith yet in your hearts.

May you stir for truth and righteousness, for your mother sleeps but with only trust.

Patience eases my anguish, but time has been your enemy.

Be strong my children, May that last strand of hope befriend our fate."

~Namma's Hope~

A Verse from the Texts of Aden

Found at the Valley of Bewailing Runes

From Kaos, the nihility of existence came forth the star of creation "Feonuix". Feonuix gave birth to the world's two immortals, Enkili and Jurunn. Enkili is the mother of life, weaving it as a never-ending tapestry from her cosmic weaver. Jurunn is the father of death, causing all things living to end. He sculpts death in the essence of destiny and fate, two forces pictured as snakes that envelop him and his powers. The two immortals made love, which is sacred and called the Eros-Duenna.

After, Enkili gave birth to three sons. Immortals that created the world we know today. Using the light from the eternal star Feonuix, they shaped it with their own spirits. Thus the world was created from them, and they in turn became the world. The three sons divided the world equally.

The first channels the tapestry of his mother and feels the full force of his father. He is called "Earth", the middle plane in which all life begins and ends. The second tricks his father after his work is done. He steals the souls of the dead and whisks them away to his endless domain. He is called "Helvaroi" and the trickery to his father is the "Fiaith". His domain is called the Regions of Final Passing, the land of the dead. The third actually wove from his mother's weaver and took a strand of hair from his father. These doings caused him to become the most powerful of the three planes. He is called the "Chieftain"; his lands are called the Heavens. Holding council and control over all three the Heavens are the homes to imminent forces and deities.

Jurunn's shadow on the world is darkness and dominates over the night and Enkili's radiance is the light and reigns over the day. The light and darkness created good and evil. Opposing forces, they were in balance but were sometimes unequal, which caused ill tidings. Often dangerous and mysterious, the immortals watched the "balance" carefully.

The Chieftain was lonely as he was the youngest and inherited the strength of the Eros-Duenna. He took out his own eye and planted it in the lands of his kingdom as a seed. The seed grew from the rosy clouds and became the immortal tree Namma, the missus of the Chieftain. Namma is the grandest tree in the heavens as in the other domains. It is said that Chieftain's two older brothers once became enraptured with her beauty, but Namma's love for her consort was too great for the offered temptations of his elder brothers. Namma is a tree of ivory; its cortex's linings are made from shimmering gold, and her leaves glisten in the divine breeze, shining with mythril. Her most legendary fervor lies on her jewel. A jewel shaped of the symbol of Enkili, the argent mother of life. It is like glass and shines with a celestial light. The jewel is called "Namma's Heart" for it shines more brightly when Namma's leaves, while fluttering through the emphatic winds, sing songs about her spouse and her children.

Namma's children were born as a seed themselves, starting out on her largest branch. The seed fell from her and slipped through the Meadows of Bequests, Lands of heaven, which still yet hold the gifts of the land, and then drifted down from the River of Love, crossed the Valley of Courageous Flames, and fell to the Earth. It landed in a terra firma by the Mountains of Eduine. The terra firma is called the Soil of Wisdom. There it grew, and when the seed blossomed into flourishing buds; Namma sang a song granting her children with the gifts of perception and life.

"My children, how peacefully you dwell in your dreams!

Wake now, wake soon for my leaves quiver in virginal joy.

My roots have grown deep as I have seen you foster.

My gem glows with blissful radiance to see your flower toward bloom.

Wake now! Wake soon! For your mother's song has ended."

~Namma's Rejoice~

Genesis Scriptures of Aden

Found at the Tip of Heaven's Gate

The flower then bloomed and from it stepped forth the first man of the world. Humanity is gifted with the powers of heaven. Love. Courage. Wisdom. Chieftain's offspring and truthful heir, humanity is called Heaven's Vision for they were born and molded by the heavens.

Still, the two brothers were jealous and Helvaroi made sure he caused death to fall upon them. Earth in rage cursed humanity and created natural disasters and enemies for them. Nevertheless, Chieftain's refuge is on them and Namma's passion was strong like any mother. Humanity governed the life of earth and was well provided for when they reached the Regions of Final Passing. Gifted with courage, wisdom, and love they embodied Chieftain and were adorned with the powers of magic. Namma's protection is with them, they're link is very strong and the two brothers did not dare to invoke her wrath.

The two brothers' jealousy made the shadow grow stronger. Thus the balance was first made unstable. That created the first being to be comprised out of darkness and evil. It hid itself from the light for many days, gathering its power to cause immense strife on the earth. Finally, it cloaked itself into a being like humanity and tricked them to believe that it was their friend.

The being spread evil lies and caused darkness to enter humanity's heart. Everyday, its corruption grew strong in them. Namma became worried and sent down a winged spirit to take form. It flew down to the earth and confronted the cloaked being. However by then, the evil augur had provoked its sins within Namma's own children. The angel created itself as a never-ending lineage to restore the order of humanity.

The being soon fled and hid itself from Namma's wrath. The being was soon given a name; "Loki-Nun" which means Dark Trickster for it tricked mankind and plunged it to darkness. The corruption procured the suffering of humanity and they were lost into the shadows. Namma's grief was great and she is now in deep slumber, her leaves have changed and her fruits are rotten. She has in legend seven fruits, one for each of mankind's seven virtues and since the corruption it has fallen rotten. The angel's lineage now separates into seven mystical beings for each virtue.

As Namma waits for that sliver of hope to blossom, two of her descendants are born. By fate and destiny they are rare in heart, for they bear strongest the qualities of Chieftain and are passionate for life. Causing a stir and radiating righteousness and truth, the children bring themselves to the attention of the entire earth itself. For the imbalance that Loki- Nun has caused, from their own will it be tipped back to equilibrium.

"May Namma rejoice, her children have begun to enshroud the veil of shadow.

Loki-Nun fears for its undoing, that its plague will rise and its own demise commence.

The sun bears great pleasure, and the moon shines immovably against the night.

Be gladdened Namma! Falter in your own fires Loki-Nun! For it has begun!"

~Humanity's Rebirth~

Verse from the Books of Virtues

Found at the Meadow of Glowing Orbs