I knew going in that you had some. problems
But you were such an interesting person
So I gave it a go and I thought we would be together forever
As corny as it sounds
You made me think that people really could do that
Be together, forever, I mean
That night at the party, when you wanted to.
I wasn't apposed to it all together, just not there
Not in a place where all I could smell was the beer on your breath
Not in some stranger's parent's room
I know you were disappointed, but I didn't know you were on the edge like
I didn't know you were so depressed
You would never tell me what was going on in your head
I should have seen it though, why did not see it
You didn't tell me you father was back in town
You didn't tell me that you weren't going to finish high school
I mean, you were so smart
You were all I had after my mother died
When I found out, I was so angry with you
You just gave up, you just gave up without me
I keep thinking that it was that night that pushed you over
I know you weren't that drunk that night
It couldn't have been the beer
You drove over the bridge all on your own
I just don't understand why?