Coronaway's Vow

It snapped, and so did you

The world from which we see things through

You told me to run, told me to hide

And never turn back or to the side

Because the world was broken

A jagged reality

Mocking, backstabbing us constantly

And I ran, and hid

Ashamed of what we did

But we did it to live

And we did it to die

But it was better than living a lie

The pendant fell, and so did you

And now I can't go on

What I knew

What I didn't

And the world is shattered

Reality twisted

And you promised

You promised to be there

Until the end

And through that crystal sword

You lived out the vow

And you said it sufficed but only for now

But the world was gone, it's the wake of dawn

And still we live

Still we lie

But we do not cry

Or die

Or know, what really happened that day

When you left and slipped away

Into the gloom

And doom

And life you always wanted

But you must come back someday

Until they are gone

I still sing the song

But it is not of hope.

"Gil-galad was an Elven king

Of him the Harper's sadly sing

The last whose realm was fair and free

Between the mountains and the sea

His sword was long, His lance was keen

His shining helm afar was seen

The countless stars of Heavens field

Was mirrored in his silver shield

But long ago he rode away

And where he dwelleth none can say

For into darkness fell his star

In Mordor where the shadows are."

-The Lord of the Rings