Only my shadow will you again see

Walking away from endless misery

The Untouchables in the Nation of Love

My heartbreaks predestined from above

I am Gremio, choked by Lucentio¡¦s argosy

The old fool, plagued with ugly leprosy

I have been out-vied, out-witted, and outdone

Like Apollo¡¦s son, fallen from the Sun

No more need to fan the flame of eternal hope

For my part in this world is to simply mope

Life-in-death, come hold me in your arms

Where happiness and joy can do me no harm

You can remain, beside your glittering jewel

I can remain, being seen as a movable, a stool

Undeserving to feel, to touch, to hold, to cry

Only exist to hurt, to suffer, to bleed, to die

Seeing myself covered in my river of tears

Blood from your words and action¡¦s shear

Three is a crowd, two is a wonderful company

Thank you for my sorrow, my painful epiphany

I do not begin to compare to any summer¡¦s day

A chipmunk¡¦s cry much pleasanter than what I say

The epitome of horror, stupidity, and disgrace

Should be banished, not deserving of your face

Thus I leave, acknowledging my eternal defeat

Knowing that I am too stupid, too discreet

Hiding these fiery passions that burn within

These words that have finished before they begin

The yearning remains, unwillingness to depart

Not wishing to stop calling your name in my heart

As unwilling as the Czechs cried ¡§Sieg Heil¡¨

While their countries burst into moans and wails

The cries of the masses imitates cries of one

I will never be satisfied, never full, never done

But you must go on, your future bright ahead

Leave me be, do not turn to see the unseen dead

The royal emeralds and pure shining regent gold

Has yet only slowly begun to quietly unfold

The roses are yet to be in their full, red bloom

Yet it is certain that my life with you is doom

A dead end would meet us, as surely as the Sun

Here ends my adventure, here my life is done

For my life cannot continue with thee, yet

It must, before the Sun slowly in the East set

For I am a peasant is not worthy of a princess¡¦s smile

For I would your reputation and memory defile

I will go, but my shadow will remain, remain

To remind you of my ceaseless pain, pain