-Whisper In The Night-

"Four girls, each a goddess with a different power, but sharing in one destiny, to destroy the world of the ultimate evil: the Circle of the Dark. Kali, goddess of fire, can move objects with a thought; Juliet, goddess of air, can control time with the flick of a finger; Gwyn, goddess of water, can read minds like opened books; Eve, goddess of earth, can take flight through the skies. Guided by their mentor, Helen, and united under the power of the moon, these four young girls will become the greatest enemy of the Circle and the fiercest weapon of good ever known to exist. They are the Sisterhood of the Moon."

Chapter One: Birth of the Sisterhood

IN AN ENCHANTED TIME long forgotten by humankind, the gods and goddesses of the ancient world reigned supreme. Nature and magick flourished in the beautiful cradle of humanity. But there was a darkness that touched the world and tainted its precious mortals. The gods and goddesses wept for the grief of their beloved children's corruption. One of the gods had taken revenge against Hecate, the Queen of all Witcheries and the Goddess of the Dark.

This vengeful god was Braden, the God of Dark Shades and Evil Night, whose mother was human, therefore tainting him with mortal blood. Braden came into the homes of resting mortals and stole all that was sacred to humankind: their souls, their destinies, and their emotions, leaving them as empty, wandering bags of flesh.

For Zeus, the Father of the Gods and Goddesses, had promised Hecate to Braden, seeing that they would fit as husband and wife. However, Hecate had secretly fallen in love with a mortal man named Silvanus and during her many trysts with Silvanus, Hecate bore four daughters with him.

They were the most powerful entities on earth, even more so than the sons of Zeus and his many mortal lovers were. They were known as witches, their mother being the Queen of all of them.

They carried with them the essential source of the elements: fire, water, air, and earth. And each daughter was assigned to an element with complete control over it. Together, they were called the Sisterhood of the Moon, and their sacred names were: Phaedra, Naiya, Isaura, and Adamina.

Upon discovering that Hecate had fallen in love with a mortal man and birthed him four daughters, Braden was enraged. He turned Silvanus into a black cat and cursed him with helpless immortality and then he swore to destroy the Sisterhood of the Moon.

He hated Hecate and her daughters so much that he created five creatures that would aid him in the annihilation of the Sisterhood. He was the leader, and his followers were called the Circle of the Dark. They became the enemies of the Sisterhood of the Moon.

They yearned for the absolute obliteration of goodness and light; purity and innocence; hope and love. But above all, they craved for the deaths of Hecate's beloved daughters. The Sisters sustained the virtue in humankind that Braden and the Circle of the Dark longed to destroy.

With blood teary eyes, Hecate—seeing no other way to save her daughters from the wrath of the god Braden—shattered the physical bodies of her daughters and prepared their souls for new mortal bodies, so that they could easily hide from Braden's merciless vengeance.

Hecate continued to watch her daughters grow and live new lives as humans, but she assigned them to a mentor, a guide who was also a witch herself, to bring the girls together, reveal their secret and true identities, and to teach them how to use their powers. She was Hecate's devout follower and devoted friend.

Each generation, four girls—half goddesses, half humans—united under the guidance of their mentor, and fought ceaseless wars with the Circle of the Dark. They stood with the purity of heart and courage in their souls, their righteousness and strength most powerful when they were together.

And this continued for centuries. When the bodies of the Sisterhood were destroyed, their souls came to Hecate and she prepared them for rebirth so that they could continue to protect the earth from Braden and the Circle of the Dark.

As long as the Sisterhood of the Moon lived on, there was hope yet that the evil of Braden and the Circle of the Dark could be destroyed, and humankind would continue to exist . . .