Anarchy of the State

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Scene setting: In Rob's Bedroom, clothes all over the floor, and a general state of Disarray

Act 1

Joe: "And now it begins.. "(Pauses dramatically looking around at his friends accompanied by withering looks from others)

Rob: "I can see one point of it though; 9 weeks vacation and just the beginning! (He smiles, yawns and flops back into chair) and only one way to go about it."

Rob Joe and Tom: "Anarchy!" (They pretend to crack their heads together, Joe misses, and hits his head, and is now rubbing his head together, and as one fall back into chairs as one, smiling and looking lazy)

Tom: "can you lob me that Frisbee?" (Looking towards Joe)

Joe: (putting on a voice like Barney the dinosaur) "I'll give you the Frisbee if you give me a hug!" (Opening arms out wide, he attempts to hug Tom, who screams, and runs away)

Tom: " and we all know that Joe'll be spending a lot of time with his dog though so that might be a downer". (Smiling jokily at Joe, who stares back)

Joe: "Just shut up Tom, or else I'll shove that can where the sun doesn't shine "

Tom: (making an over exaggerated wowing sound, and speaks in a baby voice) "Awww ickle joey woey cant handle a little bitty witty of teasing" (putting on an overly sad face) "awwww!" (Tom grabs a soccer ball and bounces it on Joe's head, making Joe blink and shake his head)

Rob: "and with business. What d'you guys wanna do this summer? "

Tom: "I don't know, blow something up in the train station?"

Rob: (shaking head, talking half to himself) he's getting even more destructive-now he wants to blow up a train too"

Tom:" No I don't, I was thinking like cherry bombs combined with stink bombs and smoke bombs-just to see what happens"

Rob: (pretending to read a headline) "Teenager held after causing riot in train station-total dead 56 and still counting"

Tom: "Now that's just being mean Rob!" (Pretends to cry)

Joe:" We do that every year, including being mean to tom, which is always a high point; and after I kidnapped the principal's dog and held it for ransom on the train station, I think the expression 'banned for life' is due to follow me for the rest of my life."

Rob: "Nah, we do that every year. I reckon we do this (passes around a crumpled brochure)"

Tom: (reading it) "You want us to go to summer school? Gee, I think I must have hit you on the head instead of Joe!"

Joe: "shut up you arse!" (Laughing hysterically)

Tom: "correction, I hit both of you, and Joe (if that's possible), got even stupider and weirder!"

Rob: Not Summer school, but military summer school!

Joe: he truly has flipped! (Laughing intensifies)

Rob: No, we can be councillors you arses! That means money!

Tom: (pulling a face) but still, military school! It's all gonna be kids wearing dog tags and kicking the crap out of each other! Contrary to popular belief, I don't actually like pain!

Joe: Then why'd you go out with your previous two girlfriends then? (looking as innocent as possible, and then cracking into a grin)

Tom: "Just shut up Joe, Just shut up!"

Rob: "Now girls, simmer down, you might break a nail"

(Joe and Tom both jump on Rob, beating him over the head with whatever they can find) Stage direction: (Preferably cushions)

(Attack subsides leaving Rob looking a cross between disgruntled and laughing)

Rob: "As I was saying before I was interrupted by super-prat, we can be councillors, and at lake Michigan! Which means..."

Joe, Tom and Rob : "PARTY!"

Joe: "And if any of the kids try and mess with us, we can just send in Tom's mum to sort them out!" (starts laughing again)

Rob: "Guys, I actually want to work at this, maybe possibly not get fired" (looking around purposely at Tom and Rob)

(Tom and Joe try to look innocent, breaking into guilty whistling)

Tom: "Hey, that chemical spill was not my fault! I didn't do anything!"

Rob: "It was a photo developing shop Tom, barely no possibility of accidents!" Joe: "That's not true, I'm glad it was Tom that worked in a photo shop and not you Rob, if it was you, you'd get fired. I don't think camera explosions are a normal occurrence".

Rob: (in a dangerous voice) "What are you implying Joe"?

Joe: (not knowing where to stop) "Well I just thought that if you wore a paper bag over your head, then there wouldn't be so many explosions"

Rob: (to Tom) "I'll give you 10 dollars if you hold him down while I beat him"

Tom: (eagerly "Ok then!

(Rob and Tom both chase Joe out of the room)

scene fades

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