Chapter 7

The three teens could hear loud sounds coming from out side of the house. It was obviously storming out. Christian, Elly, and Carry were spread around the house searching for the key. They had been searching for over two hours. And all three were getting restless. But they still had hope. They knew that they would get out somehow they didn't know exactly how…but somehow.

"So, when did this thing with you and Christian start?" Carry asked Elly. They were searching the bedrooms upstairs. Christian was downstairs in the basement.

Elly continued to look, under the bed, in boxes in the closet, and other places the key could be hidden. "What do you mean?" she responded.

"What do I mean? You and Christian…you two just kissed, for cryin' out loud! You can't tell me that THAT was an accident. And not to mention, the last time you two truly argued was like forever ago! When did he change from a total jerk to your sweet heart?"

Elly laughed. "I wouldn't call him my sweet heart."

Carry frowned. "You know what I mean!"

"I guess we just saw something in each other that we had never seen before."

"So…answer my question! When did this all start?"

Elly sighed. "When the room was caving in, we thought that…that it could have been our last time on Earth. I honestly thought we would die. And…wouldn't you want your last moments on Earth to be…to be what you've always wanted. The way we had felt about each other just came out."

Carry grinned. "So, I was right! You DO like him!"

Elly rolled her eyes. Carry was right. She hated when Carry was right. The two giggled and went back to trying to find the key.

Downstairs, Christian was analyzing their situation. He was trying to find a place that the key could have been. Where could Marcus have put it? Christian had searched downstairs, under every tile, and in each crevasse known to that cursed house.

He gave up his search and decided to check to see how the girls were doing.

The girls were still searching as Christian walked into the room. "Any luck?" he asked them.

They both shook their heads. Christian frowned. "Didn't think so," he said monotonously.

Carry, who had been going through bureaus in the bedroom, sighed and closed the drawer in which she was looking. "I've just about given up!"

Christian looked at the ground. "Carry, check under the mattress."

Carry followed his order. "Nothing," she groaned as she dropped the mattress back into place after looking.

"Crap!" Christian leaned against the wall behind him and slid down it to a sitting position.

Elly looked at Christian and then to Carry. "We've only looked in a few places! Guys, we've been here for almost a week. We've searched for only a day. We WILL get out of here! Come on! Put some effort into it!"

Carry and Christian just looked hopelessly at her.

Elly continued. "All of this DID NOT happen for nothing! Carry, what happened to you? You're the one who is supposed to be saying this! You are the one who should be encouraging us. And Christian…" Elly looked down at the floor. "Christian, I love you. And I refuse to let what has become of us here in this house to stay here, untouched! For the first time, I've fallen in love. We're too young not to know what that feels like, before we die. We're too young not to know what it's like to slow dance, to go out on dates, to simply be together, before we die. I refuse to die now then! And, if I'm not dieing, neither are either of you…now, get up, both of you and look!"

Carry stared at her and sighed. But, Christian stood up again. "Elly, we're not going to die now. But I don't know how we're going to live! This place is damned. There's nothing we can do about that!"

"But Christian, you saved your mother and sister. They are some place better now. How can it still be haunted here?"

"Marcus is still here. Evil is still here. We're stuck with that."

Carry stood up suddenly. "Christian!"

Christian and Elly spun around quickly to face Carry.

Carry spoke. "Did you have any other siblings?"

"No, just Rachel. Why?"

"If Rachel was alive now, how old would she be?"

"Twelve. Why is this_"

Carry gasped.

Christian looked awkwardly at her. "What's your deal?"

Carry continued, wide eyed. "Why does Marcus control this house?"

"Because he killed the first-born. You know, I bet we're not finding that stupid key because of him!" Christian retorted.

"Christian, he killed the first-born, yes. But Jon had a child, right?"

Christian nodded.

"So really Riane was in control!"

Christian once again nodded, confused.

Carry smiled. "Are you getting me? Riane had a child BEFORE she was killed!" Carry paused, letting the thought sink in. "You, Christian. YOU were the first-born. You are in control of this house!"

Christian shook his head. "But she wasn't dead. She was still here in soul."

Elly, aware of Carry's revelation, shot up in amazement. "Carry's right! Your mom WAS still here. But now, Christian, you saved her. You ARE in charge."

Christian looked at the two. "But…but what about Marcus?"

Elly stepped forward and locked his hands with hers. "Christian, you have control of him as well."

Christian once again shook his head, refusing to believe his ears. "But, I can't control Hell."

Carry smiled. "As long as it is in this house, you can."


"No buts Christian!" Carry cut him off. "This house is yours...YOU can get us out!"

Christian blinked and stood facing the two girls in awe. "Help me, then."

Carry nodded, but then froze. She never thought she would here those words come out of Christian Diveyanno's mouth…the same Christian Diveyanno that she had known about her whole life…the selfish, self oriented, cocky Christian Diveyanno that she had met a week ago in the forest. She smiled. "You can do it. You don't need our help. But, we will be there."

"I don't know what to do though! I don't know how."

Elly smiled. "But your heart does."

Carry added in. "Follow it."

Christian looked at Elly and grinned. "I already have."

At that, the floors began to shake. The two girls grabbed on to Christian. "I already have." He repeated with confidence. They heard a haunting scream and a loud creek. They felt a gasp of wind. Christian smiled. The two girls looked at him, clueless as to how he could seem so happy in the terror they felt.

The shaking stopped.

Christian looked to Elly and then to Carry. "Come on. Let's go."

They looked back at him confused. "Go where?" Carry said.

"Go home."

Carry and Elly remained staring. Christian took them by their hands and led them to the top of the steps. They looked down and gasped.

The door was wide open.

They smiled in pure joy. All three ran down the stairs to the open door.

"But…how?" Elly said, a smile still on her face.

Carry and Elly stepped out and looked up at the sky, clear as day, blue as the ocean. The storm had stopped. But, Christian remained under the doorframe. "The house has been trapped in evil and fear. But we…we overcame that. We followed OUR hearts, not what the evil wanted us to do. We did what was truly planned for us, not what the house planned for us. We were true to ourselves, and now we are out. That's the key…we found the key."

Carry and Elly looked at him, smiling but still confused.

Christian continued. "I can't explain it any better than that."

Elly then said. "Come on, Christian." He was still standing in the doorway.

Christian stepped out of the house and the door closed, as if some one had closed it, for Someone had. The three teens backed up and looked at the house. "Maybe, it wasn't a bad thing, being stuck there." Carry said.

They turned away and walked down the front steps. They walked off the lawn and on their way, never turning to see the house again. Carry smiled. Christian took Elly's hand and they walked home, to a different life, with a different attitude towards their life. The three walked home, friends, bonded by something more than friendship. They knew each other. They knew each other's fears, hopes, and dreams. And they never told a soul of what happened, for they knew, and that was enough. They walked home, the same way they had came that day, seven days ago.

But, the house still stood, as it always would. The evil in it still thrived as it always had. Christian was in control, until the next to come after him. The song Riane Frenu Diveyanno had played on that piano still played. The message engraved seven years ago, by a young boy whose mother was taken by evil, the message not seen by the girls…yet remembered by that boy…still read…"If only she had followed what was meant for her to do. Evil cast aside what her heart had planned, and what it knew. For all to come, and all to go, with tears I tell to you…follow. Follow and be true." The house still was…and will be forever…haunted.

That's it. The End. Well, everything works out. But, the house is still under Christian's control. Sequel or no? I hope you liked it. Thanks to everyone who helped me and supported me through this. And to those who were always there. I appreciate it. And, now, I'm gonna concentrate on "In the Dark." But, if you guys think I should do a sequel, as I said, tell me and I will think about it. I would love to, cause it's hard to say goodbye to Carry and Elly and especially Christian. Thanks again. _Teresz

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