Is Power Good?

A few chapters will make up this story about a young girl with special powers, but she does'nt like them, it's dramatic.(R&R Appreciated)

Idea's popping up in my head are often cool enough to be written, but usualy I don't. Hope you like it!


Two guards were standing in front of a huge door, their massive lances ready to kill anything on their way, it was a quiet, sunny day, with hardly a cloud in the desert sky(Somehow a cloud in the desert sky reminds me of a song of sorts...). A young girl was walking towards the two, dressed in hardly any clothes, but still looking unexposed, she was an odd character. A sword was strepped upon her half-naked back, and a small knife could easily be seen by her middle. Her eyes were not visible under the hood she wore. Her hair was brown, and long, to her hips, it looked very nice.

The two guards saluted to the girl ad whistled, admiring her. She did'nt reply with anything, but just looked down and walked at them. She asked, with a weak, frail voice:"I wish to see somebody in town, can I enter?"

The guards grew weary of her "And who might that be, lady?" One asked, and looked at the other, their lances covering the huge door in the wall that was built around the village. The village was very important for it was near a large River called: Ajstralk

"I cannot tell you who he is, but if you don't let me through, I will get myself through" She replied, her voice sounded strong, even while it was a more then a whisper. The gaurds frowned. They looked at her and began to laugh."You stopping us? No way you'll get in"

With the simple words:"So be it" She took her sword and in less then a second the two lay in a heap with blood covering them. They were about to scream when the girl sliced their necks and killed them. She sighed, put her blade away, and walked in.

She walked through the town ignoring all the men whistling at her and calling her a 'Hot bitch' But instead made her way to a small café where she was to meet up with an old friend of her's. She entered there only to see his body, naked, bloody, and pierced with a huge sabre. She did'nt even look troubled, or sad...As if she had seen this a million times before...


Short and strange, always fun to do. I want to make more of this then a project, I want people to be inspired. Try to make up a story based on this. It's also meant to show new writers something they can work with. Please ask me for help in a review if you want/Need it. I'll help you to create a story. Maybe you'll become as good as everybody on my favorites list. Maybe you'll get a thousand reviews like BMG: First Stage. You can do it, don't be afraid to ask help. I have watche dhow people kept up a story and it inspired me to make this. Even later chapters won't mention her name. They never will, except for the last few chapters. It's exactly reversed to normal story's. That's what Mystery is about for me