Is Power Good?

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She watched, unable to move, how it came to her with incredeble speed. She closed her eyes and waited for the pain- Yet it did not came. She opened her eyes to see the warrior with a blade through it. She smiled and began to unleash her spell:"Taerkes. Destroy" She said. She watched how the light comsumed the warrior and made his body vanish into fin air. She fainted from exhaustion.


Waking up, she stirred in his arms. She smiled and decided not to move and just enjoy there being close to each other. She sighed and fell asleep again, only to be woken up right at that moment. "Ginger, are you okay?" He asked slowly, still half asleep. She flinched from her own name. She did'nt want to be reminded of what it had meant for her. The pains and totures were to horrible.

"Jerald!" She yelled. He knew about how much she hated her name. Jerald blushed for a reason she did'nt understand...

"What do we do now?" Ginger asked quietly. She was thinking of what she had to do, but there was nothing but fighting, traveling, and fighting. Life was something she hated by now. Yet deep, deep, down, she knew that she had to do this- For the world would fall apart without her. And the others. The others were people who were 'Blessed' With the power to destroy or defend everything they wanted. It was the most horrible gift in the world.

"We must travel to...Your hometown." Jerald replied before hugging her and brushing he tears away that she had gotten from her shock. "W-What?" She asked tentatively(Ugh! What a word.). "I've tracked the source of the enrgies in Tarask, your hometown." It was the last thing she would have expected. Ginger sighed, like she did often. Jerald kissed the top of her head. "It'll be alright. It's the main village of the kingdom, but only the castle seems like a place where the powerfull energies could be held. I've heard another executive went insane lately. The power is doing that. Only the bravest of people will be able to fight it longer then a year. We don't need to search this time. We shall find it."

Ginger pushed herself out of his grasp and looked away from him. She was'nt mad at him, but she knew that he would find it that way. She did'nt care. She walked away quietly, followed by him. Jerald placed a hand on her shoulder but she pushed it away- She could'nt just let him see her like this. She was crying out of a spell.

Jerald hugged her from behind and she let herself be held by him. She turned around, tear stained, and kissed him sadly. She rested her head on his shoulder to think:'Do i...Do I realy get to see my family and friends aagin? And what will they think of me?' Were simple things of what she thought. She distaned out but still noticed how he returned her to the bed and let her rest on his chest. She hugged him again and fell asleep soon after. It was a peacefull morning the rest of the time. They just slept. Or at least Ginger did. Jerald was thinking over everything that had happened today. He smiled when he thought of her reaction to what he had told her. He knew she liked the idea for one side and was scared on the other. When he felt the stirring of his lover in his arms, he smiled, and kissed the top of her head lovingly and lightly. "Had a nice sleep?" He asked playfully.

"Yes, thanks." She said grudgingly(Gotta...Get...Spell check...). She looked up at him and smiled. Kissing him on his cheek, she got off of him. He watched how she undressed and dressed into a less exposed clothing. She did'nt want to looks weird in front of her parents but she knew that her sword would show it all. She did'nt care, though. She had forgotten love for the family a long time ago when she got on her journey. It was one of the many things she had to forget when she left. Even though she had never wanted to leave.

But that was just one of the few things she did'nt want. Life was a thing without choices for her now. It was truly sad


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