Teral sat just at the edge of the jutting cliff ledge that marked the entrance to the cave. His long, blue tail, with small spikes connecting to the vertebrae, dangled over the edge as he stared out over the valley. The valley, which was now corrupt with the humans and their tame creatures.

The young dragon's mother had been killed by a knight and Teral and his sister, Teras, a light green color, light grass on a fresh green day hated all humans bitterly. Teral remembered, all to clearly, the day when Gemini died. They were a month old and only about two feet long from nose to tail. A knight had coming galloping on his steed. He called out, challenging Gemini to battle. No dragon can resist showing off in a fight.

Half an hour later there was nothing but silence coming from the battle area. The dragonlets crept out of the cave and peered out. Gemini lay there, slain. The knight had left and taken her head for proof of his victory. Gemini was on the first dragons killed by a knight. As Teral fell asleep that horrible day, all he could think was, "why?"

"Sirius," Teral asked one day when they all basked in the sun on the cliff ledge.

Sirius was the sole guardian of the two orphans. He was a great black dragon with unbreakable scales and deep red eyes. A dragon in his prime.

"What is it?" Sirius asked, revealing his sharp teeth and powerful jaws.

"Why are the knights hunting dragons?" Teras demanded.

Sirius paused before replying, "That I do not know. It is something not to be pondered. Humans have far too many mysteries to decipher. But know this, a knight is usually no match for a fully-grown dragon.

"But mother"- Teral started.

"Your mother was taking care of two newborn dragons, just hatched. A mother dragon with even one child struggles; she has to hunt and care for more then just herself and that, my children, is a hard job," Sirius said.

Sirius stopped talking, his eyes out on the valley, "Look."

The village, the human village was alive with shouting men. A knight, they could tell by his dress and steed, was shouting and pointing at the mountain that the three of them were taking residence.

"What are they doing?" asked Teras.

"I don't know," Sirius said, flames licking at the edges of his mouth.

A few hours later Teral and Teras scampered away and out an emergency exit, watching a party of men with pitchforks and a knight leading them. Sirius, they both knew, could take care of himself, and they did not worry for him. They climbed down the mountainside, since they and hid in the valley. For the entire day they hid, watching the mountain for the knight. Finally, near dusk they heard the clank of the knight's armor and the crouched against the ground. Teral squeezed his eyes tight shut, not wanting to see the humans. Teras nudged him with a claw and he opened them. A snarl escaped him. The knight was looking straight at them!

"Bring them along, alive. They are too young to fight back," he spoke in a cold voice to his men.

And so Teras and Teral were prodded and poked with pitchforks all the way to the village, and no matter how hard they tried, they were unable to escape. The village was a horrible place, filled the smell of human. Dogs and cats ran by and humans were everywhere. Dirt and muck from them coated his claws and feet and got up his nose. These pale, pink things were the animals that killed Teral's kind so unmercifully.

Teras hissed and glared at the humans, hate burning in her eyes like the fire she would breath when she was older. Soon they came to a large building and were forced into its narrow hallways that they just barely fit in. Down in the basement of the building were cells of metal. Teras and Teral were forced apart and pushed into separate cells, which were next to each other. With a loud clang the door were shut and locked. All the humans left except one, and he brandished a long spear.

"Dragons," he spoke, "tomorrow morning you will go before the judge. You are accused of: Killing and stealing the town's sheep, burning down five of our houses, and killing a Shepard. If you are proved guilty, you will be slain, as is only justice for such cruel, evil, man eating beasts as you. If innocent, you will be shipped far from here and released, " the man smirked and walked away, leaving them alone once more.

"Such lies he spoke!" hissed Teras.

"I hate them all!" shouted Teral, eyes red with anger, "And we didn't do a thing!"

"Calm yourself Teral, Sirius will rescue us," Teras assured him, curling up to go to sleep.

"Guilty," the judge's voice ran out among the villagers.

A knight stepped forward, sword gleaming. Teras hissed and Teral bared his teeth. The knight raised the sword towards Teral, who, at the last minute, ducked and charged through the crowds. He heard Teras running behind him. They went down the streets and out into the country. Glancing back, Teral saw they were not pursued. He stopped, and saw Teras had blood on her claws.

"I killed him," she whispered, and wiped her claws on the grass, "they will not pursue us until they have another knight."

Teral was astonished, "Now you are as good as guilty of those crimes!"

Teras looked at him, "don't you get it? Humans kill us because they think we burn their villages and eat their children, whilst all we do is eat their animals. They have made up lies to have reason to kill us, just because we look evil to them!"

Teral blinked as the realization dawned on him, "oh."

"Lets go home," Teras said and turned towards their mountain.

"Do you know what this means?" a giant, red dragon was conversing with Sirius in a loud, booming voice.

Sirius nodded and glanced at the dragonlets watching.

"WAR!" shouted the red, who was actually Lord of the Dragons.

Outside of the cave almost twenty dragons had gathered, listening to Teras and Teral tell their tale. As they heard the Dragon Lord's decision they winged away, roaring their fury to the world. And so began the great battle between humans and dragons.